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Latin Palaeography: Academic Year 2018-19

Convenors: Prof David Lines and Dr Marta Celati

Classes will be held on Thursdays, 3-4.30pm in H4.50 (unless otherwise stated)

Some fundamental bibliography:


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Textbooks, Overviews, and Studies

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Journals and Series

-Codices manuscripti. Zeitschrift für Handschriftenkunde []

-Codicologica. (Litterae textuales)

-Revue d’Histoire des Textes

-Scriptorium []


Some Useful Web Resources


-AMARC Association for Manuscript and Archives in Research Collections []: ‘promotes the accessibility, preservation and study of manuscripts and archives in libraries and other research collections in Great Britain and Ireland. It brings together curators, researchers and all who share a scholarly interest in this field.’

Images and Illuminated Manuscripts

-The Digital Scriptorium []: an image database of medieval and renaissance manuscripts

-Mandragore, base iconographique du département des Manuscrits [ ]: iconographical database of the Bibliothèque nationale française’s Manuscript Department

Codicology and Palaeography

-Abbreviationes™: [for purchase]

-APICES Association Paléographique internationale Culture / Écriture / Société [ ]

-Ductus [ ] International Discussion Forum on Palaeography and Codicology

-Europa Humanistica [ ]: site (in progress) of the CNSRS; click on ‘Mains d’humanistes’ for examples of humanist script.

-Piccard-Online—Digital Presentation of Watermarks and their Use:

-Thélème: Techniques pour l’Historien en Ligne: Études, Manuels, Exercices []

-Page on Paleography of the Newberry Library (Chicago) []