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Publication of the third and final volume of the ‘Renaissance Conflict and Rivalries’ project

The publication of the third and final volume of the ‘Renaissance Conflict and Rivalries’ project (Leverhulme International Network) hosted by the Centre. The volume (eds. Jill Kraye, Marc Laureys, and David Lines) is entitled Management and Resolution of Conflict and Rivalries in Renaissance Europe (V&R / Bonn University Press, 2023).

Tue 05 Sep 2023, 15:46

Publication by CSR postdoctoral fellow, Tom Pert

Tom PertLink opens in a new window is pleased to announce the publication of his first monograph The Palatine Family and the Thirty Years' War: Experiences of Exile in Early Modern Europe, 1632-1648 by Oxford University Press on 1 July 2023. Dr Pert's book examines the experiences of exiled royal and noble dynasties during the early modern period through a study of the rulers of the Electorate of the Palatinate during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). By drawing on a wide range of archival source materials, ranging from financial records, printed manifestos, and considerable quantities of diplomatic and personal correspondence, it investigates the resources available to the exiled 'Palatine Family' as well as their attempts to recover the lands and titles lost by Elector Frederick V - the son-in-law of King James VI and I of England and Scotland - in the opening stages of the Thirty Years' War. For more information see:"

Fri 16 Jun 2023, 11:53

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