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Visiting Fellows and Residential Workshop Participants




Paul Meyer

University of Illinois




‘Faust’s faith’


Dwight TenHuisen


Calvin College
Spanish and Comparative Literature



‘The Religious Ideology of the 16C European Travel Narrative: a comparative transatlantic approach’





Susan M. Cogan

University of Colorado at Boulder



History (16C-17C English)


social relations between Catholics and Potestants; networks; patronage and clientage; recusants ; meaning of the charge of ‘atheism’


Alice Eardley University of Warwick




Early Modern English women’s writing; Elizabeth Isham and St Augustine


David Scott Gehring

David at University of Wisconsin-Madison



History (Europe)


Early Modern Europe: Anglo-Lutheran relations in later 16C; diplomatic history ; discussions of methodology, European dimension to English discussion


Donald Jellerson Vanderbilt University




ghosts, historiography & gender ; disavowal of Catholic doctrine of purgatory; ghost poetry / the figure of the ghost in literature


Mary Kovel University of Arizona


History (England)

material culture in the formation of England’s Protestant national Identity; also gender relations during English Civil War; reform of priestly office; influence of Zwinglian theology in England ; Hair and Headcoverings in 16C-17C England


Kristin Lucas

McGill University




literature (incl. drama); art and public life ; Affiliation and Imagination: Protestant Liturgy and Literature (Marlowe: Massacre at Paris)


Patricia Marchesi University of Colorado at Boulder




Magic and performance / superstition / popular belief ; Belief & Unbelief in Early Modern magic texts


Matthew Milner University of Toronto




Belief and practices, senses and liturgy in Early Modern England; approaches to piety ; dependency between belief and practice in Tudor liturgical form


Brad Pardue University of Tennessee




impact of Lollardy, renaissance humanism and continental reform on Tyndale and Foxe ; W Tyndale’s translation of the scripture


Juliette Paul University of Missouri-Columbia




English 17C-18 C sectarian writing, mss, book history (British and Early American writing women) and influence of private faith; also Thomas a Kempis; Baroque music ; ‘Jane Barker’s writing and pseudo-medical practice of the cult of relics’


Jennifer Rust

Saint Louis University



English Early Modern English literature: mid 16C to Civil Wars; Shakespeare & Spencer; Early Modern English Catholics;, martyrology, political theology, critical theory and gender studies


Laura Sangha University of Warwick


History (English)


processes of religious change; belief about angels


Brody Waddell University of Warwick


History (English)



economic morality & social history, 1660-1720; ‘God, Family and Community in the Economic Lives of the British Poor’


Jonathan Willis University of Warwick


History (English)



musical discourse in Early Modern English religious identity formation