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Emblem 10

Some Birds their bee Sure they noe love doe lack
Who bear their spritely young ones on their Back
But of all Beasts the cunning Caniball
In kindnes to her Young excels them all
For shee a Wallet hath beneath her breast 5
When they'r pursued in that her Young doe rest
As the Sea Fox all Fishes doth out goe
In subtilty, soe doth her Love or'e Flow
For when her Cubs by Monsters are Pursu'd
With Love and Wisedome Shee is Soe indu'de 10
That shee doth swallow them till danger's past
Then up again alive shee doth them Cast
The Viper soe her Young lins swallows down
Of all the rest sure these may wear the Crown
Then by their severall storyes you may see 15
The Wisest Creatures most indulgent bee
If they doe soe what should wee Christians doe
That have the help of Grace and Nature too
Sure those that their own Childrens goods Neglects
Are worse then Birds, Beasts, Fishes, or Insects. 20