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Emblem 13

The Porcupine went Ruffling in his Pride
Scorning the humble Tortois by his side
Spurning her oft and spurting many a Quill
The Tortois Pul'd her head in and lay still
Hee cald her patient Fool and suff'ring ass 5
Thus ore her Back insulting hee did Pass
Just then a Loaded Cart and Men came by
As soon as they this different Couple spie
They Laught which vex'd the Porcu at the Heart
Arrows from's living Quiver hee did Dart 10
Promiscuously at Horses, Men, and Cart
The Frocketeers threw stones and lash'd their Whip
Which made the Furious Porcupine to skip
Then drove their Cart over the Tortois shell
But shee in spite of all their spite was well 15
The Cart went on The Rusticks they Run after
The Tortois hardly could hold in her Laughter
But did refrain hearing the Dolefull moan
The Porcupine made to himselfe alone
Saying, let revengfull spirits learn by mee 20
Not to retaliate an injurie
But of this Tortois learn Humility
The Tortois Blush'd to hear her self commended
Then Crauld away and soe the Embleme Ended
Soe Wasps and Hornets, lose their Lives and Stings 25
From selfe reveng nought but repentance springs
Then like the Tortois thoug I Feel, or see
The least affront, or seeming Injurie
Yet let my mind above the greatest bee
What if they hurt my Flesh, tis but my shell 30
That suffers, my infranchisd soul is well
Then at my oppressors Feet my Selfe I'le lay
Vengence is thine my God thou Wilt repay.