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Emblem 15

The Cruel Tiger swiftly on doth Pass
Scorning Pursuers, till a Cristall Glass
Layed purposely, at which shee stands at gaze
Her self lovd beauty makes her in a Maze
Soe is the Early riseing Lark a lass 5
Onely insnar'd with looking in a Glass
Pride makes the Flying Fish display her Wings
Then hungrie Hawks her little neck of wRings
These are noe wonders sacred stories show
That Pride the greatest Monarchs did or'e throw 10
Brave Amazia gallant things did doe
Untill the Thistle did the Ceder Wooe
Saul and Uzzia might have worn the Crown
Till catching at the Miter both fell down
Pride made good Hezechia to disclose 15
Those secret Treasures which his sons did lose
The Assyrrian King forgot his God, at least
T'was Pride that did Tranceform him to a Beast
Herode that would not give to God the Glory
An Angell struck and Worms did end his story 20
Pride made our Parents know both good and evill
And Pride did turn an Angell to a Devill
Then by these stories you may see at least
That Pride destroys, both, Angel, Man, and Beast.