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Emblem 16

The Cockatrice as vulgarly receiv'd
Is against nature by a Cock conceiv'd
Whose Egs a Toad doth to perfection bring
Whence comes the Basalisk the serpents King
If this fierce animall doth first see you 5
Prepare my Freind to bid this World adue
But of you see him first you are secure
If with this Cristall you your Selfe immure
The visuall beams which Issue from his Eyes
Reverberat's his poyson soe hee dies 10
Soe Pertius with his sisters shineing shield
Made Proud Medusa and the Gorgons Yield
Sin is this Cursed Killing Cockatrice
If you discover its deceits it Dies
But if you don't nought but the splendent shield 15
Of Faith, will make this Hellish Monster Yield
Then with the Christian armour arm you
And all the Powers of Hell shall never harm you
But o let mee dispose my thoughts soe well
That I may Crush this Embrion in the shell 20
Yet if I doe to sinfull Motions Yield
Bee thou to mee dear God a sun and shield
Then as inslav'd to sin and Death I lie
Ile on the Brasen serpent cast mine Eye
Who conquerd Death and Hell on Calvary. 25