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Emblem 23

The Toad and Spider once would trie the might
of eithers poyson, in a single Fight
The Lists were drawn spectators throng about
Long time the Victory remain'd in doubt
By equall valour, the Field was died in Blood 5
The Combate long in Equilibrium stood
The Peoples minds a conflict had within
As not agreeing which they would have win
Some would compose, some made the difference wider
Some took the Toads part, others took the Spider's 10
Soe when one Gallant hath impeach'd the other
Of Highest Treason then in rage the other
Calls him base Traytor, giving him the lie
By Single Duell they the truth doe trie
Each vowing to prove inocent or die 15
The multitude in Sundry passions shook
Some praye for Moughbrough, some for Bollingbrook
Soe they in Factions now divided bee
The valient Spider, and the Toad to see
The Toad first fainted, and aside did goe 20
And Plaintain eat, then turnd upon his Foe
With greater vigour, which when the People Spi'de
They took the Plaintain up then strait hee died
Soe have I in our English Tilt Yard seen
Two Courtiers running fore the King and Queen 25
One Fearing to bee Foild made his Address
Unto his Lady who could doe noe Less
Then throw a Favour to her Carpet Knight
Then with new Courage hee returns to Fight
But missing of his Thrust hee comes again 30
To sue to her shee not beeing in the Vein
Inste'd of throwing of a Favour down
Answer'd his supplications with a Frown
Hee troubled with the scorn of this proud Flirt
Ran once again but tumbled in the Dirt 35
Who lives by t'Influence of a Ladies Eye
Will like this Gallant Fall and Helpless lye
Then let these sad Examples warn all those
That doe on Worldly vanities repose
If on subsolaries toyes they trust 40
They build a Fabrick of drie sand or dust
Like little Children in their pretty Playes
High Pigeon houses up of Cards will raise
But like our earthly hopes they build in vain
If they but Laugh they blow them down again 45
Then let noe Man on Humane hopes Repose
Least like this Toad their hopes and lives they lose
Then Oh my Soul on Heaven alone relie
Soe shalt thou live although thy Body Die.