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Emblem 39

All Creatures then the Dolphin are more slow
Below Fair Cinthia (Neptune this did know)
When lovly Amphitrite whose splendent Fame
Had kindled in his Breast a quenchles Flame
Hee was his spokesman to this daintie Doxie 5
Who Woo'd and won and Marry'd her by Proxie
Into her Wavie Bed hee Flack'd his Tayl
The Contract in noe Circumstance did Fayl
Yet would hee not the Royall virgin leave
Least some affront his Soveraign should receive 10
Like Maximillian who did Brittain Wed
With putting one bare leg into her Bed
King Charles too Nimble was for this slow ---
Himselfe did wed, and Bed this Princely Lass
The Dolphin Wiser was then this great King 15
For hee the Slipprie Virgin home did bring
This Active Fish with Fishermen will Joyn
In Catching Mullets, Sops and Spritely Wine
They have for pay, noe love to Man they lack
For Musicall Orion on the Back 20
Of Dolphins Rod, soe did two Pretty Boys
Some that are Ridged count these vertues toys
This Fish is still in Motion till hee dies
For though hee sleeps yet still hee never lies
But sinks into the bottome of the Main 25
The Wakes and Springs up to the top again
Hee's true to's King, his Int'rest and his end
True to ungratefull man, himselfe his freind
By all these Circumstances you may see
None but the Active Man a Friend can bee 30
Those that have reason, and yet Idle lie
Doe Just like Hogs noe good untill they Die
Then think on Titus who would always say
When hee had don none good, I have lost this day
Remember Draco, sure that Law was good 35
For Mother Idleness was writ in Blood
Should hee reform our villages and Towns
Wee should have Empty houses and larg Grounds
That Law would take away (I fear) more lives
Of Country Gentlemen, and Cittizens Wives 40
Then of the natives Blood the Spaniards Spil'd
Or in these times our seeking Saints have Kil'd
Then doe some good whilst Light and Life you have
The Idle Man Anticipates the Grave.