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Emblem 40

View but this Tulip, Rose, or July Flower
And by a Finit see an Infinite power
These Flowers into their Chaos were retir'd
Till humane art them raisd and Reinspir'd
With beating, Macecrating, Fermentation 5
Calcining, Chimically, with Segregation
Then least the ayr these secrets should reveal
Shut up the ashes under Hermes Seal
Then with a Candle or a gentle Fire
You may reanimate at your desire 10
These Gallant plants, but if you cool the Glass
To their first principles they'l quickly pass
From Sulphur, Salt and Mercury, they came
When they dissolv they turn into the same
Then seeing a wretched Mortall hath the power 15
To recreate a verbious of a Flower
Why should wee Fear, though sadly wee retire
Into our Caus, our God with reinspire
Our dormant Dust and keep alive the same
With an all Quickning Everlasting Flame 20
Then though I into atomes scattered bee
In Indivisables I'le trust in thee.
Then let this Comfort mee in my Sad Story
Dust is but Four degrees remov'd from Glory
By Natures Paths, but God from Death and Night 25
Can raise this Flesh to endless life, and Light
Then my impatient soul Contented bee
For Thou a Glorious spring e're long shallt see
After these Gloomey shades of Death and sorrow
Thou shalt injoy an Everlasting Morrow 30
As Wheat in new plow'd Furrows Rotting lies
Uncapable of quickning till it dies
Soe into dust this Flesh of mine must turn
And lie a while forgotten in my Urn
Yet when the Sea, and Earth, and Hell, shall give 35
Their Treasures up my Body too shall Live
Not like the Resurrection at Grand Caire
Where men revive then straight of Life despair
But with my Soul my Flesh shall reunite
And ne're involved bee with Death and Night 40
But live in endless pleasure Love and Light
Then Halelujahs will I sing to thee
My Gracious God to all Eternitie
Then at thy dissolution patient bee
If Man can raise a Flower God can thee. 45