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Emblem 42

This huge Laviathan for all his strength
Is by an Indians Witt subdu'd at length
Who can but such a Monst'rous bulk deride
Who suffers one upon his Neck to Ride
Knocking in Billets into either Nose 5
Whence Seas and Shoals of Fishes ever Flows
Nor cares hee though hee bounce, or Flounce, or beat,
Against the Rocks, yet still hee keeps his seat
And spight of's teeth hee Rides him to the shores
Where Fil'd with Horrour hee his Life out Rores 10
Thus hee Triumphant Lites, thus ends his Toyl
Cutting his Unctious Collops out to boyl
By this you see that Witt doth oft subdue
The greatest strenght this Elaphants finds True
And soe the Youths of Thesaly did tame 15
The Warlike Horse, soe Bulls they overcame
Whence cald Centaurus, Soe against their Wills
Four Thousand Whales are Forcd to draw in Mills
Then though thy strength and Courage doe transcend
Bee not too Proud, nor on them both depend 20
Doe not thy despicablest Foe despise
For from the Vulgar one you see did rise
Which did the Fierce and Monst’rous Hidra back
The Jade was resty and did Rideing lack
Now the Tame Beast both Whip and spur abides 25
Needs must they Gallop, whom the Devill rides
Soe when hee did possess the Heard of swine
They straight ran Headlong into Neptunes brine
Then let the giddy Monster warning take
Least they precipitate into that Lake 30
Where sulphur mixt with never quenched Fire
Where they still die yet never quite expire
Then take my counsell and the Find off throw
Least hee and you into perdition goe.