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Emblem 46

In Ments when Corn was grown excessive dear
By Rats, and Mice, which in Huge Swarms apear
The Hippocritticall Bishop of the place
Did seem to pitty much the peoples Case
And them unto a gallant Feast invited 5
As if in Charity hee had delighted
But when hee had gotten them to his desire
Hee (o inhumane set the Barn on Fire
And thus these wretched Creatures all did die
For which his Cursed soul in Hell did Frie 10
Then pointing to them burning, (said) look here
These are the Vermine make our Corn so dear
But see Gods Judgments doth this wretch pursue
Which made him soon those Curse’d actions rue
For Nasty Ratts still after him did run 15
Not to bee scar'd by Tel'sma or Gun
At last hee built a Tower in the seas
Hopeing that there he might remain in peace
But infinite Uglie Rats did thither swim
And to his Horrid pain devoured him 20
First let this teach us to compassionate
(If wee abound) those whose disasterous Fate
Have made them miserable, next wee may see
From Gods revenging hand noe place is free
For each despised Reptile or Insect 25
Hee can impower, when wee Laws neglect
Pope Alexander was Choked with a Flie
Scilla and Herod, by a Lows did die
Cruell Popula and his curssed wiffe
By the same dismalle stroake did end their liffe 30
T'is neither Earth nor Sea nor Ayr nor Skie
To which a sad despairing Soul can Flie
For should I take Auroras Golden Wings
And Flie her shining Circle still it brings
Mee whence I came, Or should Nights Sable Carr 35
Mee Hurrie where is neither Moon nor Starr
Yet would (my Glorious God) one Raie
Of thine involve my soul in Endles day
Then seeing noe place will Hide my sins and mee
I'le From thy Justice to thy Mercie Flee. 40