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Emblem 6

Two Mountebancks contended for a Stage
A Spruce Young Gallant, t'other well in Age
The various brags that Furth’red this contention
Are too too tedious in this place to mention
The Governour of the Town did thus decide 5
That by their Antidotes they should bee tryed
Each of them poyson should the other give
And hee that by Preparatives did live
Should have the present stage and future Glory
And the defunct should live in this Sad Story 10
The Lots were drawn the young man first did dress
An Ugly Toad in sippets for his Mess
With Verdigrease for sauce, this hee presents
Which the ould Mountebanck sadly resents
Yet hee with many Faces eat it up 15
The sauce he most unwilling did sup
For the Young Quacksalver would never lean
Till like Jack Sprat hee lickt the platter clean
Then looking that hee should have Fal’n and died
his Young Antagonist hee did deride 20
Saying you gave to mee a Fulsome dish
But I will neatly Satisfie your wish
I'le offer what's is pleasing to your Sight
Nought but this little Peice of Acconite
Which as Philosophers doe all presume 25
Had it's Originall from Serberus Spume
When strong Alcidos drew him up to Earth
His foam gave Hellish Aceonite its Birth
The young Man fain would have this bit refus'd
The ould Man to Baf'ling beeing not Us'd 30
Gave him the Root which hee noe sooner Eat
But his Sad Heart and every vein did Beat
His Mouth to either Ear did stretch soe wide
And in this horrid posture strait hee died
Then let this Teach all in their youth full age 35
Not to contest with those are ould and sage
Nor like This Gallant on their Witt relie
Least they like him er'e long doe grinning lie
This bould Young Quack his proud Attempts did feild
Then Let mee ever to my betters yield. 40