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Emblem 1

When Mighty Nimrade Hunting after fame
Built this huge Fabrick to get him a Name
Fearing another Deluge might ore flow
And all Mans petty Projects overthrow
With Slime and Brick, instede of Lime and stone 5
Hee meant to reach Unto Gods glorious Throne
Oh vain! to think by those terrestriall Towers
They could ascend supercelestiall Bowers
Foolishly dreaming their dim Mortall sight
Could view invisible inaccesible Light 10
From this the Fiction of the Gyants Rose
When they the Olympick Dieties oppose
Then Fierce Egeous scornd Joves Thunderstocks
When at his Head he threw a Hundred Rocks
Like Mole Hills Mounttaine upon Mountains Haild 15
Thus most presumptiously they Heaven scaild
Till Thunder Rowted this Rebellioous Crew
Soe let Usurping Nimrod's have their due
Let their accursed plots prove their delusion
For Fanci'd Glory let them find confusion 20
But from presumption Lord preserve my Soul
That in thy Mercy I may safely Rowl
Resting in Christ that Blessed corner stone
Then by his Steps I’le mount his Glorious Throne