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Related Publications

The Old Spelling Works of James Shirley

  • Several of the editors and contributors to the Oxford Works of James Shirley have had a long association with the Old Spelling Edition of the Works of James Shirley, which is available to use here.

Shirley at Durham

  • The general editors of The Works of James Shirley are Dr Teresa Grant (Warwick), Professor Eugene Giddens (Anglia Ruskin) and Professor Barbara Ravelhofer (Durham). The website of the Works of Shirley hosted by Durham university is available to view here.

Publications by Contributors

Related publications by contributors to the Works of Shirley include:

  • Bailey, Rebecca A., Staging the Old Faith: Queen Henrietta Maria and the Theatre of Caroline England, 1625-1642 (Manchester: MUP, 2009)
  • Grant, Teresa, ‘Smells Like Team Spirit: Seneca and the Shirley-Stanley Circle’, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, 40/1 (2013), 34-51
  • Munro, Lucy, ‘Actors, Plays and Performances in the Indoor Playhouses, 1625-42: Boy Players, Leading Men and the Caroline Ensemble’, Yearbook of English Studies, 44 (2014), 51-68.
  • ---, ‘Dublin Tragicomedy and London Stages’, in Early Modern Tragicomedy, ed. R. Lyne and S. Mukherjee (Cambridge: Brewer, 2007), 175-92
  • Ravelhofer, Barbara, ed., James Shirley and Early Modern Theatre: New Critical Perspectives (London: Routledge, 2017)
  • ---, ‘Non-Verbal Meaning in Caroline Private Theatre: William Cavendish’s and James Shirley’s The Varietie (c.1641)’, The Seventeenth Century, 21/2 (2006), 195-214