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Past Events

If you would like further information about any of the below events, or think we might usefully run one of them again, please get in touch by e-mailing digitalhumanities at warwick dot ac dot uk

Spring Term 2021

Monday 22nd March - Digital Scholar Lab for Teaching and Research

Summer Term 2014

Wednesday 21st May- Making Sense of Digital Humanities- Organised by IATL, this event drew upon perspectives, projects and practices at Monash and Warwick in order to make sense of the Digital Humanities (DH).

Spring Term 2014

Friday 28th February- Amber Thomas (Academic Technology) led a working lunch exploring the scholarly use of crowdsourcing in a humanities context.

Monday 17th February- Steve Ranford led a hands-on session entitled Apps: Mobile Technologies in the Humanities

Monday 20th January- Mark Philp (History) explained his project which digitised William Godwin's Diaries, after which we discussed digitising texts and manuscripts, including the use of TEI, more widely.

Autumn Term 2013

Monday 2nd December- Databases in the Humanities - 1 year on. Revisiting this subject one year after the IAS speculative lunch organised by Georgina Green and Kirsty Hooper looked at the issue of the institutional provision for online databases to support proejcts in the Humanities.

Friday 15th November- Twitter and Social Media in academic research (Steve Ranford)- In this working lunch, we looked to cover both the 'why?' and 'how?' of twitter and social media for academic research. The format of the session was in part discussion led, and practical exploration of the Twitter platform and associated tools.

Monday 21st October - Ian Gregory (Lancaster), Perspectives on Spatial Humanities: Exploring the geographies in historical and literary texts

Friday 11th October- Google analytics for beginners (David Beck) (Powerpoint Presentation) This session served as an introduction to google analytics, aimed at those with no prior experience who wish to install google analytics onto their sitebuilder (or other) web pages. If you had editing permissions for the pages concerned, you left the session with analytics installed and an idea as to the reports / information which can be drawn from it.