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Digital manuscripts & text encoding

Text Encoding Initiative

The TEI provides a framework and common language of coding/markup for the digital processing (digitisation) and use of manuscripts and texts for a number of purposes and in many fields of research in the humanities. See our TEI resources page for access to the documentation and training available.


TeX provides the humanities with ways of working with unicode characters and open text, both features that help work digitally with multi-lingual texts and the integration of characters outside of common and font-sets.


TEI ProcessTroubadours, trouvères and the Crusades

Troubadours, trouvères and the Crusades is a project led by Linda Paterson in the French Department. This project contains a set of multi-lingual texts with annotations and descriptive metadata. This project utilises TEI as an interchange format to enable a website, downloadable PDF and eBook versions of the texts to all come from a single canonical source file.


The digital humanties team works to provide software for those working with digital manuscripts and text encoding.

  • <oXygen/> XML Author is a powerful software package provided for working with XML and XSLT documents. Useful in TEI projects.
  • Warwick OxGarage Converter is a powerful web based tool for converting documents between formats, including word .docx files and ePub. Free to use on-campus at (for off-campus use, see