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What are the ‘Creative Industries’ and do I have to be creative to work in them? Careers Blog

Centre colleagues Jo Garde-Hansen, Chris Bilton and Heidi Ashton have put together a blog posting for Warwick Careers Blog on

What are the ‘Creative Industries’ and do I have to be creative to work in them?

If you check out the new Creative Industries Radar (2020) report from the UK’s Policy and Evidence Centre led by Nesta you will learn two really important things about these industries: 1) they are everywhere in the UK and come in range of sizes and shapes and 2) you do not have to be creative to work in them. Other countries will have similar maps of their creative industries (if they are on the ball!), but the UK is widely considered to be an engine for growth and the origin story of creative industries. From Shakespeare to Sonic the Hedgehog, both of which were developed in Warwickshire, the creative industries are still headed for a surge, even during the pandemic as live events accelerated their online presence. It’s one of the reasons why Warwick launched its BA Media and Creative Industries in 2020 and why we have four media, cultural and creative industries Masters’ programmes in the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies. So, if you want to re-direct your career into these industries after graduation look no further than your own university for mastering your creative thinking, managing creativity or developing a creative business........

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Wed 16 Jun 2021, 10:55 | Tags: Alumni, Students, Employability