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BA (Hons) Media and Creative Industries

Media and Creative Industries BA

Media and Creative Industries at Warwick gives you the chance to take your ideas and values forward. Discover your passions. Collaborate with like minds. Create new work. Challenge the status quo.

The Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies at the University of Warwick has a national and international reputation for delivering employment-focused education for the media, cultural and creative industries. The Centre at Warwick was one of the first places in the world to teach students how to develop successful careers in these industries at postgraduate level, establishing the MA Creative and Media Enterprises in 1999. Since then, universities in many countries have followed our lead. We want to share our experience, expertise, research and industry connections with undergraduates who wish to join one of the fastest growing and exciting sectors in the global economy.

Our undergraduate course builds on these strong foundations. You will learn how to create value from your ideas; communicate your passion for media and culture; think critically, creatively, ethically and strategically about cultural values and media communications. You will learn how to plan, buy, research, develop, distribute, produce and commission creative work; as well as understand the industrial, political, technological and social issues that underpin the creative process. You will be required to think globally, act locally, and consider your own personal values and aspirations. You will also develop the attitudes necessary to shape and influence these industries in ways that will create the kind of media we want in the world.

An overview of the Media and Creative Industries BA admission process,