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Are we living in a post-romantic era? - CMPS researcher in DAZED and The New York Times this week

Dr Carolina Bandinelli's research on what she sees as 'post romantic' love is cited in DAZEDLink opens in a new window and The New York Times this week. The context of the citing of Dr Bandinelli's research in the articles is her research on dating cultures, dating apps, digital love and cultures of love. In Dazed she says:

'The rise of dating apps has only exacerbated this mode of thinking. “The promotional discourses of dating apps revolve around this idea of fixing the messiness of love, turning it into a simple procedure,” explains Dr Carolina BandinelliLink opens in a new window, associate professor in media and creative industries at the University of Warwick. “Digital technologies are always presented as solutions to problems, solutions that are supposed to be more efficient because they are technological. We tend to assume that because something is algorithm-driven it is somehow more rational.”'
Fri 17 Feb 2023, 13:35 | Tags: Research news