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CMPS Researcher on 'Thinking Allowed' BBC Radio 4: Carolina Bandinelli on 'Digital Intimacy'

Digital intimacyLink opens in a new window (BBC Radio 4 24 May 2023) - Laurie Taylor asks how the algorithms embedded in digital technologies are transforming our relationships.

Laurie Taylor is joined by Anthony Elliott, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of South Australia and author of a new book which suggests that that machine intelligence is changing the nature of human bonds, from sexual partners to friendship and therapy. And Carolina Bandinelli, Associate Professor in Media and Creative Industries at the University of Warwick, discusses her study of Tinder, and other dating apps, and the surprising finding that sex and love are not at the core of how people use them.

Thu 25 May 2023, 09:40 | Tags: News, Research news, Public Engagement