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Event Production and Creative Producing - 15 CATS

Digital producers are responsible for bringing new products, services and experiences to the public. They are able to broker the diverse talents of technologists, artists, designers, scientists, academics and amateurs to develop projects that contribute to cultural life and address social, cultural, economic and environmental concerns. This module aims to:

  • develop the student’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the emergent practice of the creative/digital producer.
  • develop students’ contextual and intellectual understanding of the social, aesthetic and interdisciplinary spaces in which producers operate.
  • facilitate a practical understanding of the tools, technologies and processes necessary to produce innovative projects for different audiences.
  • enable the development of the skills and competencies required in the production of a collaborative digital project,
  • introduce students to a range of practitioners and organisations.
  • encourage students to demonstrate of their leadership, communication and management skills.
  • equip students with the skills and understanding to critically evaluate practice and content in response to a brief.
  • develop students’ understanding of collaborative and creative working practices within the creative and media industries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the creative producer within the arts, media and creative industries
  • Manage an innovative project from conception through to evaluation whilst keeping to time and budget
  • Identify, understand and have the potential to engage different audiences with creative productions
  • Create a cohesive media experience across one or more platforms taking a flexible and inclusive approach to technologies
  • Evaluate practice and content and fully understand individual creativity in the context of collaborative working

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