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MCI Industry Case Study - 15 CATS

This module aims to equip student with a knowledge of the creative, media and cultural sectors with specific reference to the types of entities, the practicalities of working in these organisations and appreciating the challenges faced by them.

The module will take the first step into establishing significant intellectual, creative, and practical capabilities of students related to working within the various sub sectors providing them with an ability to appreciate the nuances of working in these organisations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the media, creative and cultural industries in terms of economy, culture, manufacturing and work
  • Understand the use of digital technologies for established and new organisations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how producers co-ordinate, supervise and provide strategic direction to projects in their industries
  • Demonstrate understanding of what it means to work in the cultural, media and creative industries in the 21st century
  • Identify, understand and develop the potential for growth in these sectors
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and ability to work independently
  • Research and write a evidence-based case study that would be useful for the media, cultural and creative industries

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