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Media Lab Major Project - 30 CATS

The aim of this module is to build on the gamification levels of Media Lab 1 and Media Lab 2 to the final level of ‘mastery’ so that students will now fully research, test and develop a finished project for showcasing in Term 3, supported by research. Students will be invited to pitch ideas for an individual project during Term 1 and during Terms 2 and 3, students will spend the remainder of the module researching, planning, testing, developing and evaluating (with data) their project and approach to content production. Students will also use the research and critical reflection techniques developed in the course in the planning and development of a clear methodology to inform their project and how to use the data their project produces to inform their approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deliver a coherent and professional media lab project underpinned by testing, data, evidence and research
  • Perform the role of a self-starting creative producer within the arts, media and creative industries who is flexible, adaptable and multi-tasking
  • Incorporate the importance of audience research into a creative production process
  • Demonstrate they can collect and use data in the development of their project in an ethical and compliant manner
  • Use digital technologies, software and media tools in an interactive, experiential and engaging way
  • Devise, develop, manage and deliver an individual project to a professional standard
  • Demonstrate effective research and writing skills to ensure transparency in the creative process and outcome

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