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What's Your Story?

This page contains stories from students who have graduated or are soon to graduate from the MA in Global Media and Communication. In the Communication, Creativity and Technology module we asked them to research and use digital storytelling and blogging as a way to create a collaborative video and individual project about their lives. Below you will see their digital stories and to the right you can click on their blogs. These are the kinds of students our course attracts and these are the kinds of projects they get to work on.

What is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a creative practice of editing a small selection of photos (analogue and/or digital) together with a 2 minutes audio-recorded personal story. In California, the (formerly the Centre for Digital Storytelling) tells us to Listen Deeply and Tell Stories. We decided to bring this into Global Media and Communications course and we listened deeply to the stories our students told us, and with their permission they share these stories with you.

What did our students create?

During the 50th anniversary celebrations at Warwick, MA in Global Media and Communication students in the classs of 2014/5 and 2015/6 were asked to produce a digital stories commemorating and celebrating the University of Warwick’s history, and looking ahead at their future as Warwick alumni.

The 2014/15 cohort produced three curated videos as teams from creative media agencies. These videos can be accessed by clicking the images below and each one covers a different theme of what life in Warwick’s Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies is like.

Connecting 5.0 Screenshot

Connecting 5.0 took a reflective theme and set their digital story in 2065 – this would be the University of Warwick’s 100th anniversary. They used a variety of media platforms to ‘look back’ on their time at Warwick in 2015, and reconnect with their university peers. They tried to imagine a media ecology of a range of ways of communicating.

Synergy Screenshot

Synergy used the British weather as the theme of their digital story. The creative agency discussed the international feel of the centre, which feeds into a multi-cultural university campus and a sense of home. The umbrella became a symbol of the story and is used to link each student’s story together; growth, support, family, academics and extracurricular life. The tutor had to borrow a 'corporate' Warwick umbrella from University House, with only a one hour window in which to film, because they wanted the umbrella back!

The Mediated Self Project (IATL funded)

Take a look at the Blogs created by students on the new module The Mediated Self Project. This module was created by GMC tutors and is selected by students from all four MAs. While creating these blogs we researched and reflected on what it means to mediate your Self and communicate with audiences.






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