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Dr Jane Woddis

Email: J dot Woddis at warwick dot ac dot uk

Jane Woddis is an independent cultural researcher based in Birmingham. She has worked professionally for many years in theatre-in-education, community arts and other community-based organisations, where she has held senior management responsibilities for fundraising, policy and strategy, as well as being involved in project facilitation and programming. She has been associated with the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies since beginning the MA in European Culture and Administration in 1994, and subsequently undertook a PhD here. As an Associate Fellow at the Centre, she has combined teaching and academic research with work in the cultural sector, including research and evaluations for arts organisations. From 2013 to 2015, she was Project Manager of Warwick Creative Exchange, a network of academics and regional cultural practitioners and producers, aimed at encouraging knowledge exchange and research collaborations between the academic and arts sectors:


Woddis, Jane (2022) 'Acting on Cultural Policy: Arts practitioners, policy-making and civil society' (Palgrave Macmillan - New Directions in Cultural Policy Research).

Wesner, Simone and Jane Woddis (eds) (2022) 'Artists’ Narratives in Cultural Policy and Management Research', Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy, special issue, Vol.8, No.2.

Bjørnsen, Egil and Jane Woddis (2019) ‘Music in our lives: using the concept of Bildung to understand the role of music education policy in England’, Research Studies in Music Education.

Woddis, Jane and Ann Christin E. Nilsen (2018) ‘Music for One and All? Music Education Policy in Norway and England’, in Hylland, Ole Marius and Erling Bjurström (eds) Aesthetics and Politics: a Nordic Perspective on How Cultural Policy Negotiates the Agency of Music and Arts’ (Palgrave Macmillan: Switzerland).

Woddis, Jane (2014) ‘Arts practitioners in the cultural policy process: spear-carriers or speaking parts?’ International Journal of Cultural Policy, 20:4, pp 496-512.

Woddis, Jane (2011) ‘Religious protest and its impact on cultural policy’, International Journal of Cultural Policy, 17:2, pp 209-224.

Presentation online

Writers' Guild of Great Britain (27th April 2023) 'Playwrights and Policy' opens in a new window

Other works

Woddis, Jane (2023) 'Learning from history: playwrights and policy', Drama & Theatre Magazine

Woddis, Jane (2023) 'Playwrights and Policy', London Playwrights Blog 

Woddis, Jane (2015) Talking About Cultural Value: Voices from the Arts Community

Woddis, Jane (2005) Spear-carriers or speaking parts? :arts practitioners in the cultural policy process [PhD thesis]

Research projects and collaborations

2021: 'Artists' Policy Narratives' - co-presenter of panel at International Conference on Cultural Policy Research.

2019: 'But are you doing anything?' - speaker at Birkbeck University Arts Week, School of Arts.

2013-2017: 'The Relational Politics of Aesthetics: Negotiating relations between art and society through cultural policy'. (Funded by the Norwegian Research Council.)

2013-2015: The Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value.

2013-2014: 'Theatre Spectatorship and Value Attribution' – The British Theatre Consortium. (An Arts & Humanities Research Council funded project.)

Other roles and activities

2013 to date: Co-organiser, British Theatre Consortium:

Jane Woddis