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Dr Clive Gray

Dr Clive Gray

Associate Professor

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 74842

Millburn House


Dr Clive Gray is Associate Professor in Cultural Policy Studies. I am working a 20% time-table with consequent effects on my responsibilities.

Research interests

My research interests include analysing the politics of the museums and galleries sector; ontology, epistemology and methodology in cultural policy research; forms of cultural policy; and the organisation and management of cultural policy by the state. I have published widely on all of these in books and journals - ranging from The International Journal of Cultural Policy, Museum Management and Curatorship and Cultural Trends to Public Administration and Public Policy and Administration. My latest articles have just appeared in Museum and Society, Local Government Studies and Cultural Trends.. My latest book, The Politics of Museums, is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Further details of my research and publications can be found on my research page where access to all of my conference papers and many of my articles and book chapters is also available.

I have been working with Vikki McCall from Stirling University on aspects of museum functions and questions of museum management, as well as on the analysis of museums as organisations and institutions, and our book on the subject has started the publication stage of production with Routledge.

My next project - which is already underway - is the completion of a book on museum change, analysing the effects of political, social, economic and professional changes over a period of 170 years on one of the oldest local authority museums in England.

Teaching and supervision

I am currently starting my final year as external examiner at University College London in Qatar.

PhD Matters

I am currently supervising Eun Go's research on the cultural policy of North Korea, Maike Ludley's research on argumentation, language and cultural policy in Germany, and Anne-Sophie Ninino's research on New Zealand and Pacific artefacts and taonga and their place, care and management in museums. All of these are much more interesting and informative than such a bald set of statements would indicate.

I have frequently examined PhD theses (the latest being from Newcastle University and the Australian National University) and am happy to continue doing so.

Administrative roles

I am a member of University's Investigation Committee for plagiarism, contract cheating and other forms of academic malfeasence; the University's Working Party on Academic Integrity; and the School's Ethics Committee.

Office hours


I will be in infrequently over the coming year: appointments can always be arranged by e-mail..


I will be contributing to the Research Methods module for the MAs within the Centre.