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About the Exhibition


A selection of promotional sketches andexhibition photographs Pietro Pucco and Martina Barbieri.

The 'Dream Makers: Italian Cinema and Its Great Producers' exhibition was held at Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, from 22 June - 9 September 2018. Financed by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, it is the result of a collaboration between the University of Warwick, Queen’s University Belfast, and the archivists of the Cineteca di Bologna, and forms part of the output from the Producers Project.

The aim of the installation was to guide visitors through Italian cinema history, using the work of influential figures working within the industry. Featured producers including Giorgio Agliani, Alfredo Bini, and Italo Zingarelli, were each given a dedicated section within the exhibition to showcase their work, and one film they were responsible for producing, such as Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita (1960), Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Il Vangelo secondo Matteo (1964), and Giuseppe Tornatore’s Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988).

The position of these producers and their significant contributions to Italian cinema history and film production is reflected within the wealth of archive material, such as documents, photos and other related ephemera, which feature throughout the installation. Examples of these materials can be seen in throughout this site, and their presence within the Dream Makers exhibition sheds light on the approaches, influences, and innovations which would come to typify the golden age of Italian cinema.

For further information and video material related to the exhibition, see the ‘Interviews’ and ‘Reactions’ pages.

Details on the construction and organisation of the exhibition are discussed throughout the playlist of introductory videos delivered by principal investigator Stephen Gundle, can be found on the left.