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Exhibition Reactions

Drawn from throughout the exhibition's run, the video playlist below displays a sample of the reactions expressed by visitors to the exhibition captured by the Producers Project team.

The clips illustrate how much visitors learned from, and enjoyed the experience of, viewing Italian cinema history and film production through the traces of its archive materials. Exhibition visitors frequently touch upon themes, ideas, and concepts that are central to the Producers Project and its ongoing work.

These reflections underline the value making visible through exhibition photos, documents, and other forms of production ephemera (some of which can also be seen in the slideshow on the left and throughout this site). Furthermore, they also illustrate the potential of such material to expand and enrich understanding of Italian production history and the complex creative processes that surround film production.

Further information on the exhibition can be found here.

Other video material from the exhibition, including an introductory series on the exhibition delivered by Principal Investigator Stephen Gundle, and interviews from scholars of Italian film can be viewed here and here.