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Understanding Homelessness - A Creative Toolkit

Homelessness is an URGENT social issue that deserves our attention

This toolkit was designed by Nadine Holdsworth as a resource for teachers, youth groups, and other voluntary organisations working with people aged 14 and above – it will help you to help others approach the complex issues around homelessness.

Containing information, things to discuss and a range of exercises to develop written, visual
and drama-based responses the toolkit could be used for Active Citizenship, Tutor Time, PSHE and within the curriculum.

The bold text in the Toolkit takes you to live links for more information on organisations, ideas or to video clips.

Based on a pilot board game we developed called ‘Homeless Monopoly’, which was created as part of a collaboration between Coventry University, CU Coventry and the University of Warwick, working in partnership with Coventry Cyrenians, the toolkit can be used to augment learning alongside the game but stands equally well on its own. It looks at the wider context of homelessness, the triggers that can lead to homelessness, the support that is available for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and different social and cultural responses to homelessness.

We hope you enjoy using this toolkit and find useful suggestions for ways to explore sensitive themes with your group.

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The Toolkit is available free of charge to Non-Commercial Organisations (e.g. schools and clubs)

If you are a Commercial Organisation, and would like to use the Toolkit please contact us at:

We are very happy to work with you to enable this.

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