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Our Students

When selecting a degree and University, we know how important it is to hear from current students. What they have to say about their experiences of a course and University makes a real difference. In Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick, we believe that our current students and our alumni are our best advocates. That’s why they play such a major role in our Open Days and Applicant Days. They also manage our Theatre and Performance Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and host regular Live Chats for prospective students, where you can ask them questions about what Warwick has to offer.

Our student bloggers have lots to say about their favourite modules, living on campus, and student societies. Alice and Harriet offer their reflections on various aspects of their degree and have some top tips for making the most of your time at University. Other current students give a snapshot on the things that make Warwick special for them, while Ysabel talks about studying English and Theatre as an international student.

Our Current Student Bloggers:

Louis Wharton
Louis Wharton

Hi Everyone! My name is Louis and I’m a second year English and Theatre Studies student. University is a completely new experience for me, being the first in my family to go, so I’m hoping as I navigate my way through these strange times I can offer you some helpful, but potentially chaotic advice.

Rosanna HolmesRosanna Holmes

Hi! I’m a second year Theatre and Performance Studies student here at Warwick. In my blog, I cover all sorts of topics related to studying theatre at degree level. I also talk about how to adapt to uni life, and maybe will give you some play recommendations too! Whether you’re considering joining the Theatre department, you're a STEM student with a passion for the stage, or you're a fellow vegetarian with no clue on nutrition, there will be something here for you.

Max Lodge

Hi! I’m Max a second year Theatre and Performance Studies student. I enjoy everything to do with someone getting up on stage - from Chekhov to folk music and everything in-between. In my blogs I hope to give a perspective on university life in all it’s facets, big or small.

Archie Kollhoff-WaldronArchie Kollhoff-Waldron

Hello. I’m Archie and I am an undergraduate at the University of Warwick studying Theatre and Performance.
This blog will hopefully help you to gain an understanding of how exciting it is to join us and study at Warwick. Via the blogging platform, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

Our Former Student Bloggers:

Emma Barnard
Emma Barnard

My blog will hopefully answer some of your questions about studying here and put some of your qualms to rest. I will be sharing theatre related content alongside general student hacks, as I have encountered many unnecessary hiccups throughout my years, so I could offer some helpful know-hows. (Graduated 2021)

Hannah Khan
Hannah Khan

Hey! I’m a second-year Theatre and Performance Studies student here at Warwick. From talking about the various module options to the amazing variety of performance societies, my blog will give you a sense of what life studying theatre at Warwick is like! It’s such a great place for a theatre lover to be! (Graduated 2021)

OliviaOlivia Kershaw

Hi, I’m Olivia, part of the class of 2020! During my time at Warwick I kept very busy and was incredibly involved across the board, both within and beyond the Theatre department – getting stuck into all aspects of university life. From research projects to performing in an array of plays and musicals and even learning how to swim - there was never a dull moment and my diary was eternally crammed! My blog explores just some of these wonderful experiences as well as my tips for some of the worries and pitfalls it’s normal to encounter along the way. I had the absolute best three years studying Theatre, full of memories, and I hope you enjoy reading about some of my Warwick journey…(Graduated 2020)

BethBeth Rawsthorn

Hi! I’m Beth. I graduated from Theatre & Performance Studies in July 2020. Over my time at uni I had so many experiences – from living in halls and getting involved with societies, to making new friends and developing my passion for my subject. I really enjoyed writing about my time at Warwick and hope that some of my blogs help to give you an insight into what it’s like to be a Theatre & Performance Studies student here. (Graduated 2020)

Ysabel Loh

Ysabel Loh was an international student in English and Theatre Studies and was a blogger in her final year. She produced a Vlog about her experience studying at Warwick as an overseas student and another about her graduation too. Ysabel also has blogs about the annual Malaysian Night and about the pros and cons of living in Leamington Spa in second and third year. (Graduated 2019)


Evie Davis

I'm Evie, and when I was blogging I was a first-year Theatre and Performance Studies student. My blog reflects my enjoyment of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. It also reflects the mass of activity beyond the course. There’s always something going on, and there’s something for everyone! You can act, write, produce or stage a piece of your own work in one of the many theatre societies; support your friends in their latest show in a variety of great performance spaces across campus; or you can see lots of professional work at the Warwick Arts Centre (at discounted student prices or even for free!) (Graduating 2022)

Student Snapshots

Alice Burton (Graduated 2020)

BA Theatre and Performance Studies

Nicole de Barra and Chloe Binfieldchloe and nicole

BA Theatre and Performance Studies (Graduated 2019)

"Our final year project the highlight of our three years at Warwick and an experience we’ll never forget! Having taken the Theatre in the Community module in our second year, we were inspired to do more applied theatre work. For our final project we organised weekly workshops over a six-week period in HMP Hewell. The experience was hugely rewarding and helped us to grow as a practitioners and to prepare us for the professional world, pursuing this as a career.”

Vishal RatnajothyVishal

BA Theatre and Performance Studies (Graduated 2021)

“Not many universities have facilities like we have at Warwick Arts Centre, which forms a vital part of a drama student’s experience at Warwick. I’ve already become part of the Creative Learning Team, leading one of the youth theatre groups. The Arts Centre has widened my knowledge about what opportunities may be available to me in the future and has become a haven to express myself in”.

Harriet Simons (Graduated 2019)

BA Theatre and Performance Studies

Caitlin Tracey (Graduated 2021)Caitlin

BA Theatre & Performance Studies Student

“Having a variety of theoretical and practical modules has hugely expanded my understanding of theatre and performance. The optionality is helpful as you get to hone in on different areas of the course that really interest you. You’re able to tailor your degree to suit you, your interests and how you like to study and be assessed.”

Shaquira Lue (Graduated 2020)

BA Theatre &Performance Studies Student

“The department has such a friendly and supportive network of staff and students who all contribute to a warm and homely working environment. I’ve always enjoyed the modules that I’ve chosen and the flexibility of topics available to study. Every seminar has been fascinating, and our work was guided and encouraged by the enthusiasm of our lecturers”.

Lucy Pitman-Wallace

(Graduated 2023)

MA Applied Theatre:

Arts, Action, Change

Lucy Pitman-Wallace

"Before I took the MA in Applied Theatre, I was a theatre director with many years of experience. I had directed plays of a classical nature – ancient Greek plays, Jacobean plays and Shakespeare and more “modern” pieces like Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward.

I applied for the MA because I felt it was time to focus on theatre which engaged communities and allowed them to be part of the process, rather than just being shown a piece of work.

The MA did exactly what I hoped for, it introduced me to many ways of looking at community engagement and applied theatre in general. It expanded my knowledge and give me courage to try new things.

As part of my final practical project I worked with a verbatim theatre model: interviewing people about their tattoos, transcribing their words and editing the results. This became a script for a short showing of the work. As a result of this research, I have been commissioned by the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch and Havering Changing to create a similar project with Essex residents. Without the MA I would never have been commissioned".