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Festival personnel

Aurelii, Aurelio

  • 1652-1708
  • Role: Librettist (opera)
  • Festivals: Wedding of Odoardo II Farnese, Duke of Parma, and Dorothea Sophia, Princess of Pfalz-Newberg, Parma 1690
  • Festival Books: Descritione delle feste fatte eseguire nella ... città di Parma ... per le nozze del serenissimo principe Odoardo Farnese ... con la serenissima principessa Dorotea Sofia (published Parma, 1690)
  • Until 1687 librettist in Venice, member of Accademia degli Imperfetti.
  • 1688-1694 in the service of the Duke of Parma.
  • Wrote about a dozen dramatic works.
Librettist, Wedding


  • Role: Fireworks engineer (with Jumeau and Morel)
  • Festivals: Fireworks in Paris in the honour of the feast of St. Louis and Louis XIII Paris, 25th-27th August 1613
  • Festival Books: Discours sur les triomphes qui ont esté faicts le 25. 26. [et] 27. aoust 1613. dans la ville de Paris. (published Lyons, 1613)
Fireworks, Engineer

Baldassari da Urbino

  • Role: Organiser
  • Festivals: Visit to Florence of Karl, Archduke of Austria, Florence 1569
  • Festival Books: Descrittione dell'intermedii fatti nel felicissimo palazo del Gran Duca Cosimo, [et] del suo illustris[simo] figliuolo principe di Firenze, [et] di Siena. Per honorar la illustris[sima] presenza della ... altezza dello eccellentissimo arciduca d'Austria. (published Florence [1569])
Royal Visit, Organiser

Baldi, Accursio

  • Role: Engraver
  • Festivals: Wedding in Florence of Francesco I de'Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. and Bianca Cappello, Florence 1579
  • Festival Books: Vaghezze sopra Pratolino. (published Florence, 1579)
  • 16th century goldsmith and sculptor.
Wedding, Engraver

Baldini, Baccio

  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Carnival for the wedding of Francesco I de'Medici and Joanna of Austria, Florence 1566
  • Festival Books: Discorso sopra la mascherata della geneologia degl'iddei de Gentili, mandata fuori dall'illustrissimo, [et] eccellentiss[imo] S. duca di Firenze, [et] di Siena. (published Florence, 1565)
  • For references to his works (see Nancy G. Siraisi, History, Medicine and the Traditions of Renaissance Learning p.361.)
Author, Wedding

Ballard, Robert

  • c.1527-1588
  • Role: Printer
  • Festivals: Ballet danced in Paris by Louis XIV and Maria Teresa, Infanta of Spain, at their wedding, Paris 1660
  • Wedding in Paris of Louis XIV and Maria Teresa, Infanta of Spain, Paris 1660
  • Ballet danced in Paris by Louis XIV, Paris 1664
  • Ballet danced in Paris by Louis XIV, Paris 1665
  • Celebration of the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle held at Versailles by Louis XIV, King of France, Versailles 1668
  • Entry of Christina, Queen of Sweden into Paris, 1656
  • Festival Books: Vers du ballet royal dansé par leurs maiestez entre les actes de la grande tragedie de l'Hercule amoureux. (published Paris, 1662)
  • Ercole amante. Tragedia representata per le nozze delle maestà christianissime. (published Paris, 1662)
  • Les amours déguisez, ballet du roy. Dansé par sa majesté, au mois de feurier 1664. (published Paris, 1664)
  • Ballet royal de la naissance de Venus. Dansé par sa majesté, le 26. de Ianuier 1665. (published Paris, 1665)
  • Le grand divertissement royal de Versailles. (published Paris, 1668)
  • Relation de ce qui s'est passé a l'arrivée de la reine Christine de Suede, a essaune en la maison de monsieur Hesselin ... (published Paris, 1656)
  • Printing establishment Le Roy & Ballard.
  • Music printer.
  • Brother in law to lutenist and composer Adrian Le Roy.
  • Used movable type cut in 1540 by father in law, Guillaume Le Bé (or du Gué)
  • Patent granted in 1552 as sole printers to Henri II (see
Royal Visit, Printer, Royal Entry, Ballet, Wedding

Baptista, Johannes

  • Role: Printer
  • Festivals: Johann Georg I, Elector of Saxony, receives Ober and Niederlausitz from Emperor Ferdinand II in Bautzen, 1623 (50k east of Dresden)
  • Festival Books: Huldigungs Process, So zu Pautzen den 23. Junij ergangen/als Ihr. Röm. Käys. May. Ihr. Churfürstl. Gn. zu Sachsen die Ober vnd Nieder Laußnitz vbergeben/wie solches Ihr. Churfürstl. Gn. Acceptiret, vnd auff was Art vnd Weise die Huldigung ferner ergangen. (published [Prague?] 1623)

Baratta, Alessandro

  • Role: Engraver
  • Festivals: Ballet performed in Parma for the wedding of Odoardo II Farnese and Dorothea Sophia, Princess of Pfalz-Newberg, Parma, May 1690
  • Festival Books: L'età dell'oro, introduzione al balletto della serenissima signora principessa Margherita, e delle signore dame (published Piacenza, 1690)
  • Baratta painted the vault and dome of the Church of St. Lucia at the end of the 17th century. (see Parma Cathedral website)
Ballet, Wedding, Engraver

Bardi, Giovanni de'

  • ET I (pgs. 59,66,68)
  • 1534-1612
  • Tuscan humanist
  • working on intermedi for 1589 with Bernardo Buontalenti.
  • 1586 Medicean comedy with intermedi (with Buontalenti) scripted and rehearsed by Bardi.
  • Praised by de'Rossi in 1589 for 'invenzione'.
  • Bardi-Buontalenti compared to Jonson-Jones.
  • Born in Florence, Count of Vernio; literary critic, writer, composer and soldier.
  • Host, patrion and inspiration to the Florentine Camerata group which attempted to restore the aesthetic effect of Ancient Greek music to comtemporary practice. (Group including Vincenzo Galilei, father of Galileo.)

Barnes, Joseph

  • c.1546-1618
  • Role: Printer
  • Festivals: Speeches from the Progresses of Elizabeth I in 1592, Bisham, Sudley, Ricorte 1592
  • Festival Books: Speeches Delivered to her Maiestie this last Progresse, at the Right Honorable the Lady Russels, at Bissam, the Right Honorable the Lorde Chandos at Sudley, at the Right Honorable the Lord Norris, at Ricorte (published Oxford, 1592)
  • Owned Joseph Barnes' Wine Tavern and Print Shop.
  • First printer to Oxford University in 1584, lent him £100 to set up a printing press.
  • 8th September 1573 admitted as a bookseller.
  • (see Kate Bennett, John Aubrey, Joseph Barnes' Print Shop and a Sham Newsletter
Printer, Royal Progress

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