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Conference Programme

Thursday 27 June


10.00-11.00 Registration, tea and coffee


11.00-12.30 Welcome and Panel 1:Stage Effects, Illusion and Enchantment  

Chair: Jim Davis


 Christina Vollmert 

 ‘The enchanted magic carpet’: Stage Curtains in late-Nineteenth-Century German Theatre


 Hayley Bradley

 The Scrutinising Eye and ‘how the trick was done’


 Kate Astbury

 Stage Magic and the French Gothic


12.30-1.30 Lunch


1.30-3.00 Panel 2: The Performing Self, the Streets and Popular Cultural Stereotypes in Early-Nineteenth- Century London

 Chair: Kate Newey


 David Vincent 

 Paul Pry between the Stage and the Streets


 Mary Shannon 

 The Multiple Lives of Billy Waters: Street Performing and Popular  Culture


 Brian Maidment 

 Dusty Bob Dances off the Stage into the Victorian Popular Imagination


3.00-3.30 Tea and coffee break


3.30-5.00  Panel 3: Paper Stages: Peep Shows, Posters, and Toy Theatres

 Chair: Kate Holmes


 Shijia Yu 

 More than Just Looking: The Active Consumption of Theatrical Spectacles in the Nineteenth- Century English Paper Peepshow


 Michael Diamond 

 The Maniac's Den and Other Scenes of Excitement: Bringing Late Melodrama to Life through a Study of its Posters


 Louis James

 Imaging Social Conflict on the Early Victorian stage: the case of Jerrold's Black-Ey'd Susan (1829)




5.00-5.15 Tea and coffee break


5.15-6.15 Panel 4: Transformations in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Scenography

 Chair: Patricia Smyth


 Christopher Baugh 

 The Bigger Picture: Loutherbourg and Audience Transport


 Raphaël Bortolotti 

 Nineteenth-Century Italian Stage Painting


6.30 Reception


Friday 28 June



8.15-9.00  Tea and coffee


9.00-11.00  Panel 5: Theatre andthe Art World

 Chair: Patricia Smyth


 Caroline Radcliffe

 ‘Nearer and nearer, and fairer and fairish she came, in the glow of the morning light’; Aramadale and the Pre-Raphaelite Influence


 Tessa Kilgarriff 

 Elite Institutions, Popular Tactics: Exhibiting Daniel Maclise’s Portrait of Macready as Werner


 Veronica Isaac

 From the ‘Temple of Artemis’ to the ‘Temple of Art’ – Aestheticism and The Cup(1881)


 Diane Piccitto 

 Illuminated Theatre: Sight and Spectacle in Blake’s The Ghost of Abel


11.00 - 11.30 Tea and coffee break


11.30 - 1.00 Panel 6: Staging National Identities 

 Chair: Peter Yeandle

 Hannah Scott 

 Angleterre Spectaculaire! England as Spectacle at the Belle Epoque Music-Hall


 Barbara Bessac

 The Representation of French Interiors on the Victorian British Stage: Visual and Material Reinterpretations and Decorative Transfers across the Channel

 Penelope Cole

 Scott’s Scotland on Stage: Visual Images of Scotland on the Nineteenth-Century British Stage


1.00-2.00  Lunch


2.00-4.00 Panel 7: Afterlives, Anxieties and Expectations: Spectacle and Imagination

 Chair: Jim Davis


 Sharon Weltman 

 Sweeney Todds: A Theatrical Bogeyman's Satirical Afterlife in Visual  Culture


 Carol Hogan-Downey

 ‘The Danger of Such a Picture’: Meta-sensation and the Shaughraun  Wake


 Renata Kobetts Miller 

 Imagined Spectacles and the Independent Theatre Society


 Michael Meeuwis

 The Bells: Visualising a Pre-Freudian Unconscious


4.00-4.30 Tea and coffee break


4.30-6.00 Panel 8: Deconstructing Pantomime and Fairy Tale

 Chair: Hayley Bradley


Jennifer Schacker

 Dressing the Part: Fairy Tales, Costuming, and Fancy Dress


Janice Norwood 

 Scale, Motion and Modernity: Deconstructing the Late-Victorian Pantomime


 Kitty Gurnos-Davies 

 ‘commonplace gossip: Visualising Women's Labour in Spectacular Theatre of the Long Nineteenth Century


7.30  Optional dinner at Arden



Saturday 29 June



9.00-9.30 Tea and coffee


9.30-11.00 Panel 9: Panoramas and Tableaux Vivants

 Chair: Janice Norwood


 John Plunkett 

 Panoramas, Scene Painters and Provinces: A Regional Case Study


  Karen Harker 

 Sights and Sounds of London: the Panorama on the Nineteenth-Century  Shakespearean Stage


 Catherine Hindson 

 Industrial Tableaux: Early Twentieth-Century Advertising, Performance and Embodiment at Cadbury’s Bournville Site


11.00-11.30 Tea and coffee break


11.30-12.30 Panel 10: The Spectacle of Antiquity

 Chair: Sharon Weltman


 Laura Monros-Gaspar 

 Putting on the Red Light: Ariadne from Dannecker to La Milo


 Alessandra Grossi 

 Staging Victorian Burlesques: Antiquarianism, Satire and Spectacle in Planché’s classical extravaganzas


12.30-1.30 Lunch


1.30-3.00 Panel 11: Imperialism and Cultural Identity

 Chair: Joanna Hofer-Robinson


 Peter Yeandle 

 Staging Cetshwayo: the Multiple Performances of the Zulu King.


 Nick Havergal 

 Cross-Media Performance and Cross-Community Adaptation in C. W. Poole’s No 1 Myriorama Tour, 1899-c.1904


 Eilis Smyth 

 Rebranding Spectacle as Drama in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West: America’s National Entertainment at the 1887 Golden Jubilee


3.00-3.30 Tea and coffee break


3.30-4.30 Panel 12: Representing Women

 Chair: Kate Newey


 Simon Grennan 

Visualising, Performing and Producing a ‘Woman of Business’: Marie Duval’s Media Enterprise in 1870s and 1880s London


 Viv Gardner 

 ‘At the Peephole”: Photo Bits, Photo Realism and the Chorus Girl