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Baz Kershaw

This focuses on the Protest and Disasters theme, but relates equally to Performance/ Spectacle:

(1) Upendra Baxi, “Writing about impunity and environment: the ‘silver jubilee’ of the Bhopal catastrophe” unpublished conference paper. Available at:

(2) Baz Kershaw, “Spectacle of Performance: Excesses of Power” Ch 7 in Theatre Ecology: Environments and Performance Events, Cambridge University Press, 2007/2009.

Digital PDF Copy: please note this is copyright CUP and must not be reproduced in any form.

(3) Union Carbide – official website about the disaster.

(4) Websites of images/short articles viz Bhopal Disaster:

(a) Mothers and children

(b) Child and drawing of plant following disaster

(c) Bhopal plant tours

(d) Greenpeace slides