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ESC and the New Europe project in the Media

Article from the 'Belfast Telegraph', 24 March 2011:


Article in 'De Standaard Lifestyle online', 10 May 2011: (in Flemish)


Arnot, Chris: Article in the 'Guardian', a UK newspaper, 2 May 2011: (also reprinted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 7 May 2011)


Blacker, Terence: Article in 'The Independent', a UK newspaper, 22 March 2011:


Ewing, Jack: Article in 'The New York Times online', 11 May 2011: (also reprinted in the Guelph Mercury on 13 May 2011)


Kukolja, Kristina: Broadcast journalist, SBS - Special Broadcasting Service, South Melbourne, Australia. Links to two features on the politics of Eurovision:


Lindsey, Darryl: Article in 'Der Spiegel on-line' 13 May 2011:,1518,762165,00.html


Michaels, Daniel: Article in 'The Wall Street Journal', a US newspaper, 15 March 2011: (Original version) (Polish version of the above)


Nicolescu, Ioanna: Article in ' online', 14 May 2011: (in Romanian)


Eurovison Article on the Univerisity of Warwick webpage 'KnowledgeCentre: