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Performances of Authorial Presence and Absence: The Author Dies Hard (Palgrave 2020)

Performance, Space, Utopia: Cities of War, Cities of Exile (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)

Theatre of Estrangement: Theory, Practice, Ideology (University of Toronto Press, 2006)

Edited monograph

(with Shirin Rai, Milija Glihovic and Michael Saward) The Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance. (OUP 2020)

(with Y. Meerzon) Performance, Exile, and ‘America’. Palgrave Macmillan (2009)

Chapters in books

‘Murderous Maids: Reading Contemporary Migrant Domestic Labour Through Genet’s ‘Maids’, Gendered Citizenship: Manifestation and Performance. Eds. B. Dutt et al. Palgrave (2017) 181-96

(with Milena Dragicevic Sesic) ‘University as Public and Autonomous Sphere: Between Enlightenment Ideas and Market Demands’ International Performance Research Pedagogy: Towards an Unconditional Discipline? S.Bala et al. Palgrave (2017) 69-83

“Theatricality vs. Bare Life”, The Grammar of Politics and Performance. Eds. Shirin Rai and Janelle Reinelt. Routledge (2015)

“Performing Belgrade: Itineraries of Non-Belonging”, Performing Cities. Ed. Nicolas Whybrow. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave (2014) 199-218

“Born in YU:Performing, Negotiating, and Transforming an Abject Identity”, Theatre and National Identity: Re-imagining Concepts of Nation, Ed. Nadine Holdsworth. Routledge, (2014) 129-45

“Spatial Concepts”, Performance Studies: Key Words, Concepts and Theories. Ed: Bryan Reynolds. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave (2014) 156-64

“Sarajevo: The World City Under Siege”, Performance and the Global City. Eds. K. Solga and D.J. Hopkins. Palgrave (2013) 202-223

"How to Defamiliarise Things With Words: Semiotics of Trans-sense Language," Futurist Dramaturgy and Performance. ed. Paul Stoesser. Ottawa: Legas, 2011 pp 67-79

“Exiles and the City: Krzysztof Wodiczko’s New York Interventions of Making the Familiar Strange”, Performance, Exile, and ‘America’ Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 pp 244-64

“Anthropomorphic City Horizon: Structuralist’s Foregrounding in Antony Gormley’s Sculptures”, Structuralism(s) Today, ed. V. Ambros. New York, Ottawa: Legas, 2009 pp191-203

Guest co-editor

Studies in Theatre and Performance: Performing Worksites of the Left. Vol 39, issue 3 2019

Modern Drama: Special issue on Theatre and Exile. 46:1 (Spring 2003)

Refereed articles

Seeing Better: Modernist Estrangement and its Transformations’, Social Research,Vol 85, no 2, Summer 2018

‘Reading into Soundscapes: Between Ma and Concretization,’ special issue of Recherches Semiotiques/Semiotic Inquiry, Vol. 36, (2017) 351-67

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“Theatricalizing Politics/ Politicizing Theatre,” Canadian Theatre Review no.103. University of Toronto Press (Summer 2000): 42-47


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