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Southern Charities Project

Southern Charities Project

Welcome to the Southern Charities Project, funded by the AHRB during 2000-2002 and undertaken by Dr Tim Lockley ( The purpose of the project is to uncover the scope and purpose of charitable provision for the poor in the antebellum southern United States.

The project focuses in detail on three communities: Asheville, North Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and Montgomery, Alabama, but will consider material from all over the south where appropriate.

While the main output from this project will be in printed form, an important part of the research is the creation of a database of charitable societies. By placing this database online, and including as much information as possible, we hope to encourage other scholars and students to undertake research in this field.

A bibliography of material relating to Southern Charities is also included, featuring Archival and Manuscript sources, Published Primary material, and Secondary works.