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Societies by date

More information is available on many societies by visiting the location pages. Socieites without known dates of foundation are omitted from this list.

Before 1750
New Orleans La, Ursuline Orphanage 1729
Charleston SC, St Andrew's Society 1729
Charleston SC, Poor House 1736
Charleston SC, South Carolina Society 1736
New Orleans La, Charity Hospital 1737
Savannah Ga, Bethesda College 1740

Savannah Ga, Union Society 1750
Savannah Ga, St Andrew's Society 1750
Charleston SC, German Friendly Society 1766
Maryland Baltimore Almshouse 1773

Charleston SC, Carpenters Society 1783 

New Orleans, Perseverance Benevolent and Mutual Aid Association, 1783
German Society of Maryland 1783

Corporation for the Relief of the widows and children of the clergy of the PEC in Maryland 1785
Savannah Ga, Chatham Academy 1788
Virginia Richmond Amicable Society 1788
St Andrew's Society, Lexington, 1798

Charleston SC, Brown Fellowship Society 1790
Charleston SC, Orphanage 1790 

Humane Society of Baltimore 1790
Georgia Mechanics Society of Augusta 1791
Maryland Baltimore The Corporation for the Relief of the Poor and Distressed of Every Sect or Religious Denomination Whatsoever 1792
Savannah Ga, Association of Mechanics 1793 

Balitmore Benevolent Society 1796

Charitable Marine Society, MD, 1797
Maryland Baltimore Female Humane Association 1798

Children's Home of Baltimore 1798
Baltimore Public Hospital 1798

Delaware Wilmington Female Benevolent Society 1800
Benevolent Society of the city and county of Baltimore 1800
Savannah Ga, Female Asylum 1801
Charleston SC, Hebrew Orphan Society 1801
Charleston SC, Hibernian Society 1801 

Baltimore General Dispensary 1801

Humane Impartial Society for Poor and Needy Women, MD, 1802
Georgia Petersburg Union Society 1802
Savannah Ga, House Carpenters 1802
Georgia McIntosh County Academy Free Schools 1802 
Male Free School, MD,  1802

Handelian Charitable Society, MD, 1803

Benevolent Hibernian Society, MD, 1803
Virginia Fredericksburg Boarding School for Poor Girls 1803
Virginia Norfolk Female Orphan Society aka Female Charitable Society 1804
Virginia Richmond Female Humane Association 1805
Savannah Ga, Poorhouse and Hospital 1808 

Balitmore City Marine Hospital 1808
Maryland Emmitsburg Sisters of Charity School 1809

District of Columbia Washington Benevolent Society of Young Men 1810
Savannah Ga, Grocers' Society 1810 

Baltimore Society to Protect Free Negroes 1810
Maryland Baltimore Humane Impartial Society 1811
Virginia Norfolk Mechanics Benevolent Society 1811
Virginia Petersburg Female Orphan Asylum 1811
Delaware Wilmington Humane Society 1812
District of Columbia Lancaster School at Georgetown 1812
Savannah Ga, Hibernian Society 1812 

House of Refuge, MD, 1812
Maryland Baltimore African School 1812
North Carolina Newbern Female Charitable Society 1812
Delaware Male Society for the Relief of the Poor 1813
Delaware Female Distributing Society for the Relief of the Poor 1813
Delaware Wilmington Society for the Relief of the Poor 1813
District of Columbia Female Benevolent Society of Georgetown 1813
North Carolina Fayetteville Female Orphan Asylum Society 1813
Charleston SC, Ladies Benevolent Society 1813
Delaware Wilmington Female Harmony Society 1814
South Carolina Beaufort Female Benevolent Society 1814

District of Columbia Washington Resolute Beneficial Society 1815
District of Columbia Washington Female Orphan Asylum Society 1815
South Carolina Beaufort District Society 1815 

Baltimore Dispensary 1816

Baltimore Second Almshouse, 1816
District of Columbia Georgetown Girls Academy 1816
District of Columbia Female Orphan Society of Georgetown 1816
Georgia Milledgeville Mechanics Society 1816
Savannah Ga, Dorcas Society 1816
Savannah Ga, Free School Society 1816
Mississippi Natchez Female Charitable Society 1816
Delaware Smyrna Female Union Society 1817
Delaware Newcastle Female Benevolent Society 1817
New Orleans La,  Poydras Female Orphan Society  1817
North Carolina Society Hill (Iredell Co) Female Benevolent Society  1817
North Carolina Washington Beaufort County Poorhouse 1817
North Carolina Wilmington Female Benevolent Society of Wilmington  1817
Virginia Norfolk Marine Society 1817
Delaware Wilmington Dorcas Society 1818
Charleston SC, Female Domestic Missionary Society 1818 

Baltimore Economical Soup Society 1819
Delaware Female Hospital Society 1819
District of Columbia Washington Female Charitable Society 1819
Georgia Augusta Female Asylum 1819
Georgia Sunbury Female Asylum 1819
Charleston SC, New England Society 1819
Virginia Norfolk Provident Society 1819

Augusta Ga, Asbury Female Mite Society 1820
Medway Ga, Juvenile Society 1820
North Carolina Fayetteville Female Benevolent Society  1820
Georgia Darien McIntosh Female Asylum 1821
Maryland Baltimore McKim's School for Poor Youths 1821
North Carolina Raleigh Female Benevolent Society 1821
Charleston SC, St Patrick's Society 1821
Virginia Petersburg Dorcas Society 1821 
New Orleans, Mechanics Society 1821

Lexington, Ladies Benevolent Society 1821
Alabama Mobile Hibernian Benevolent Society 1822
Delaware Wilmington Benevolent Society 1822
District of Columbia Washington Soup Society 1822
Georgia Darien Poor House and Hospital Society 1822
Savannah Ga, Society for the Relief of Indigent Widows (Widows Society) 1822
Georgia Sunbury Academy 1822 

Baltimore Society for the Encouragement of Industry 1822
Savannah Ga, American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews (Savannah Branch) 1823
Charleston SC, Port Society 1823 
New Orleans, Bethel Union 1823

Kentucky, St Catherine's Academy, 1823
Alabama Mobile Poorhouse and Hospital 1824
Delaware Wilmington Female Charitable Society 1824
Delaware La Fayette Asylum for Poor Widows and Orphan Children 1824
South Carolina Columbia Female Benevolent Society 1824
North Carolina Mechanics Benevolent Society of Wilmington 1824 
Society for the Relief of Destitute Orphan Boys, New Orleans 1824

New Orleans, Hibernian Society 1824
Hibernian Free School, MD, 1824

District of Columbia Washington St Vincent's School and Orphan Asylum 1825
District of Columbia Washington Howard Society 1825
Maryland Frederick St John's Female Benevolent School 1825
Virginia Petersburg Benevolent Mechanics Association 1825
District of Columbia Washington Female School of Industry 1827
Augusta Ga, Free School Society 1828
South Carolina Beaufort Mechanic Society 1828
Alabama Mobile Humane Charity Hospital 1828
Alabama Mobile Female Benevolent Society 1829
Savannah Ga, Benevolent Society 1829
Savannah Ga, Infant School Society 1829
Maryland Baltimore St Francis Academy for Girls 1829

Alabama Tuscaloosa Female Benevolent Society 1830
Baltimore Infirmary, 1830 

Montgomery Female Benevolent Society 1830
District of Columbia Washington Relief Society 1830
Georgia Augusta Beneficial Society 1830
Louisville Ky, Bethel Union 1830
New Orleans, La, Female Orphan Asylum 1830
North Carolina Elizabeth City Dorcas Society 1830
North Carolina Fayetteville Female Society of Industry 1830
Alabama Montgomery Female Benevolent Society 1831
Georgia Augusta Free School Society 1831
Louisville Ky, Orphan Asylum 1831
Missouri St Louis Hospital 1831 

Florida Educational Society 1831
Georgia Savannah Georgia Infirmary 1832
Charleston SC, Ladies Fuel Society 1832
Virginia Alexandria Orphan Society and Female Free School Society 1832
Georgia Macon Mechanics Society 1833
Savannah Ga, Colored Maternal Society 1833
North Carolina Wilmington Ladies Working Society of St James' Church 1833
Virginia Fredericksburg Female Orphan Asylum 1833 

Lexington, Orphan Asylum 1833

Lexington Orphan Society, 1833
Missouri St Louis Orphan Asylum 1834
Virginia Richmond St Joseph's Orphan Asylum and Free School 1834 

Society for the Relief of Destitute widows and indigent females, New Orleans 1834

Alabama Mobile Port Society 1835
North Carolina Wilmington Seaman's Friend Society 1835
Charleston SC, Female Charitable Society of Charleston Neck 1835
New Orleans, Celeste Society for the Relief of Destitute Widows and Orphans 1835 
New Orleans, St Mary's Orphan Boys' Home 1835.

New Orleans, Fireman's Charitable and Benevolent Association 1835

West Feliciana Asylum, LA, 1835
Alabama Mobile Barton Academy 1836
Alabama Mobile Carpentry and Joiners Mutual Benefit Society 1836
Virginia Richmond Union Benevolent Society 1836
Alabama Mobile Bethel Society 1836 
St Patrick's Female Orphan Asylum  1837

New Orleans, Howard Association 1837
Alabama Mobile Samaritan Society 1837
Georgia Athens Mechanics Mutual Aid Association 1837
Georgia Columbus Hibernian Benevolent Society 1837
Savannah Ga, German Friendly Society 1837
South Carolina Beaufort Male Benevolent Society 1837
Alabama Mobile Catholic Female Charitable Society 1838
Alabama Mobile Catholic Orphanage Asylum 1838
Savannah Ga, Clothing and Fuel Society 1838
Charleston SC, Friendly Moralist Society 1838
Alabama Mobile Can't Get Away Club 1839
Alabama Mobile  Protestant Orphanage Asylum Society 1839
Milne Asylum for Destitute Orphan Girls, Milneberg, LA, 1839

Milne Asylum for Destitute Orphan Boys, Milneberg, LA, 1839


New Orleans, Camp Street Orphan Asylum, 1840
New Orleans, Female Orphan Asylum 1840
Dorcas Society of West Baltimore Station 1840

New Orleans, Ladies of Providence Asyum for Widows and Children 1840
Christchurch Asylum for Female Children, MD, 1840

Natchitoches Charity Hospital, LA 1840
Augusta Ga, Benevolent Committee for the Care of the Poor, Sick and Homeless 1841
Georgia Macon Ladies Education Society 1841
District of Columbia Washington Female Union Band Society 1842 
Iberville Female School Society, Plaquemines, LA, 1842.

Shamrock Benevolent Society New Orleans 1842
Savannah Ga, Port Society 1843
Alabama Huntsville Mechanic's Benevolent Association 1843 
Infant School Society, MD, 1843

Lexington, Colored People's Union Benevolent Society No 1, 1843

House of the Good Shepherd, MD, 1844
Savannah Ga, Episcopal Orphan's Home  1844
Savannah Ga, Female Seamens' Friend Society 1844
Savannah Ga, Mechanics' Benevolent Society 1844
Savannah Ga, St Vincent's Academy 1844
New Orleans La, Hebrew Benevolent Society 1844
New Orleans La, Lyceum and Library Society 1844
Virginia Richmond Gentlemen's Benevolent Society 1844
Alabama La Fayette Mechanics' Literary and Benevolent Association 1844 

Georgia Augusta Benevolent Society 1845
Georgia Columbus Ladies' Education and Benevolent Society 1845
Louisiana New Orleans Catholic Asylum for the Relief of Male Orphans 1845
Mississippi Natchez Institute 1845
Virginia Lynchburg Dorcas Society 1845 
New Orleans, Catholic Asylum for the Relief of Male Orphans 1845

Montgomery, Chevra Mevacher Cholim, 1846
Virginia Lynchburg Orphan Asylum Society 1846 
Boys School of St Paul's Parish, MD, 1846

Alabama, Society for the relief of disabled clergymen of the PEC etc 1846
Savannah Ga, Irish Union Society 1847 

New Orleans, Portuguese Benevolent Society, 1847
Muscogee County Ga, Asylum 1847
New Orleans La, Ladies Benevolent Society 1847
Mississippi Natchez St Mary's Orphan Asylum 1847 
New Orleans, Lusitanian-Portuguese Benevolent Association, 1848
Association for the Improvement of the Condition of the Poor, MD, 1849
Indigent Widow's Asylum, MD, 1849

Mobile, Creole Free School, 1849
Savannah Ga, Needle Woman's Friend Society 1849
Savannah Ga, Hebrew Benevolent Society 1849
Louisville Ky, St Joseph's German Roman Catholic Orphan Society 1849

Charleston SC, Episcopal Church Home 1850 
Tampa, L'Unione Italiana Club 1850
Screwman's Benevolent Society, New Orleans 1850

Mobile, Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society, 1850
Alabama Mobile Baymen's Society 1851
Savannah Ga, Hebrew Benevolent Society 1851
Charleston SC, St Michael's Orphanage 1851
Alabama Mobile Mechanics' Association 1851
Alabama Montgomery Mechanics' Association 1851
Virginia Richmond Male Orphan Society 1851
Alabama Hebrew Benevolent Society of Montgomery 1852
Georgia Augusta Orphan Asylum 1852
Georgia Chatham County Mechanics Association 1852
Savannah Ga, Ladies' Hebrew Benevolent Society 1852
North Carolina Wilmington Ladies Benevolent Society 1852
Charleston SC, Poor House 1852
Tennessee South Nashville Institute 1852
Alabama Creole Union Benevolent Society of the city of Mobile 1852
Savannah Ga, Ladies German Benevolent Society 1853
Louisiana New Orleans Howard Association 1853 

New Orleans, Protestant Chidren's Home 1853
Mississippi Natchez Charitable Association 1853
Alabama Montgomery Relief Club 1854
Savannah Ga, Benevolent Association 1854
Savannah Ga, German Hebrew Ladies' Society 1854
Maryland Baltimore St Anthony's German Catholic Orphan Society 1854
North Carolina Newbern Female Benevolent Society 1854 
Hebrew Benevolent Association of Rapides, LA, 1854

New Orleans, Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows and Orphans 1854
Alabama German Fusileers' Benevolent Society of Mobile 1854
Alabama Ancient Order of Hibernians of the city and county of Mobile 1854 
French Benevolent Society, MD, 1854
House of Industry, MD, 1854

Alabama Mobile Brotherhood of the Church 1855
Savannah Ga, Catholic Boys Orphanage 1855
Savannah Ga, Massie School 1855
Louisiana New Orleans Infant Asylum 1855
New Orleans La, Jewish Children's Home 1855 

New Orleans, St Elizabeth's Female Asylum 1855
Virginia Alexandria Ladies Benevolent Society 1855
Virginia  Howard Association 1855 
Church Home and Hospital, MD, 1855

Mobile, St John's Female Benevolent Society, 1856
Maryland Baltimore Infant Asylum 1856 

Hebrew Benevolent Society, MD, 1856
Georgia Macon Orphan Asylum  1857
Georgia Macon United Hebrew Society 1857
Missouri St Louis Ladies of Charity 1857
Charleston SC, Ladies Auxiliary Christian Association 1857
Alabama Providence Infirmary of Mobile 1858
Alabama Montgomery Typographical Union 1858
Georgia Atlanta Ladies Union Benevolent Society 1858
New Orleans La, Hebrew Mutual Benevolent Society 1858 

St Vincent's Orphanage, New Orleans 1858
Virginia Petersburg The Association for Improvement of the Condition of the Poor 1858
Savannah Ga, Working Men's Benevolent Association 1859
Virginia Petersburg Hebrew Benevolent Society 1859 

Montgomery Female Orphan Asylum 1859

After 1860
Alabama Mobile Protestant Episcopal Church Employment Society 1860
Alabama Mobile Turner Community 1860
Alabama Mobile Protestant Episcopal Church Employment Society 1860
New Orleans La, Protestant Episcopal Orphans' Home 1860
New Orleans La,  Steamboat Captains' Union Benevolent Association 1860
Mississippi Natchez Catholic Boy's Orphanage 1860
Alabama Mobile Hebrew Relief Association 1860
Children's Aid Society, MD, 1860