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Southern Charities Listed by Name

More information is available on many societies by visiting the location pages.

African School Maryland Baltimore
Alexandria Orphan Society and Female Free School Society Virginia Alexandria
Alms House District of Columbia Washington
American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews (Savannah Branch) Georgia Savannah
Amicable Society Virginia Richmond
Association of Friends of Ireland Georgia Savannah
Augusta Benevolent Society Georgia Augusta
Augusta Female Asylum Georgia Augusta
Augusta Orphan Asylum Georgia Augusta
Baltimore Almshouse Maryland Balltimore
Baltimore Female Humane Association/Charity School Maryland Baltimore
Baltimore Humane Impartial Society Maryland Baltimore
Barton Academy Alabama Mobile
Baymen's Society Alabama Mobile
Beaufort County Poorhouse North Carolina Washington
Beaufort District Society South Carolina Beaufort
Beaufort Female Benevolent Society South Carolina Beaufort
Beaufort Male Benevolent Society South Carolina Beaufort
Beneficial Society Georgia Augusta
Benevolent Sewing Society Georgia Corinth
Benevolent Society Georgia Savannah
Benevolent Society for Educating and Supporting Female Children Maryland Baltimore
Bethel African School Maryland Baltimore
Bethel Society Alabama Mobile
Bethesda College Georgia Savannah
Brotherhood of the Church Alabama Mobile
Brown Fellowship Society South Carolina Charleston
Buncombe County Poorhouse North Carolina Asheville
Burke County Poorhouse North Carolina Morgantown
Cabarrus County Poorhouse North Carolina Concord
Can't Get Away Club Alabama Mobile
Caswell County Poorhouse North Carolina Yanceyville
Catholic Asylum for the Relief of Male Orphans Louisiana New Orleans
Catholic Boy's Orphanage Mississippi Natchez
Catholic Boys Orphanage Georgia Savannah
Catholic Female Charitable Society Alabama Mobile
Catholic Orphanage Asylum Alabama Mobile
Catholic Sisters of Charity South Carolina Charleston
Charitable Society of St Patrick's Church District of Columbia Washington
Charity Hospital Louisiana New Orleans
Charleston Carpenters Society South Carolina Charleston
Charleston Female Domestic Missionary Society South Carolina Charleston
Charleston Orphanage South Carolina Charleston
Charleston Poor House South Carolina Charleston
Charleston Poor House South Carolina Charleston
Charleston Port Society South Carolina Charleston
Chatham Academy Georgia Savannah
Cleveland County Poorhouse North Carolina Shelby
Colored Maternal Society Georgia Savannah
Craven County Poorhouse North Carolina Newbern
Cumberland County Poorhouse North Carolina Fayetteville
Darien Poor House and Hospital Society Georgia Darien
Davidson County Poorhouse North Carolina Lexington
Dorcas Society Georgia Savannah
Dorcas Society Maryland Baltimore
Dorcas Society North Carolina Elizabeth City
Dorcas Society Virginia Lynchburg
Dorcas Society Virginia Petersburg
Duplin County Poorhouse North Carolina Warsaw
Edgecombe County Poorhouse North Carolina Tarboro
Episcopal Church Home South Carolina Charleston
Episcopal Orphan's Home  Georgia Savannah
Female Benevolent Society Alabama Mobile
Female Benevolent Society North Carolina Newbern
Female Benevolent Society South Carolina Columbia
Female Benevolent Society  North Carolina Fayetteville
Female Benevolent Society  North Carolina Society Hill (Iredell Co)
Female Benevolent Society of Wilmington  North Carolina Wilmington
Female Charitable Society Mississippi Natchez
Female Charitable Society of Charleston Neck South Carolina Charleston
Female Humane Association Virginia Richmond
Female Orphan Asylum Louisiana New Orleans
Female Orphan Asylum Maryland Baltimore
Female Orphan Asylum Virginia Petersburg
Female Orphan Asylum Society North Carolina Fayetteville
Female Orphan Society aka Female Charitable Society Virginia Norfolk
Female Penitents' Refuge Society Maryland Baltimore
Female Seaman's Friendly Society South Carolina Charleston
Female Seamen's Friend Society Georgia Savannah
Female Society of Industry North Carolina Fayetteville
Fredericksburg Boarding School for Poor Girls Virginia Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg Female Orphan Asylum Virginia Fredericksburg
Free School Society Georgia Augusta
Friendly Moralist Society South Carolina Charleston
Gentlemen's Benevolent Society Virginia Richmond
Georgia Infirmary Georgia Savannah
German Friendly Society Georgia Savannah
German Friendly Society South Carolina Charleston
German Turner's Society Alabama Mobile
Girls Academy District of Columbia Georgetown
Granville County Poorhouse North Carolina
Grocer's Society Georgia Savannah
Guilford County Poorhouse North Carolina Greensboro
Halifax County Poorhouse North Carolina Halifax
Hebrew Benevolent Society Georgia Savannah
Hebrew Benevolent Society Virginia Petersburg
Hebrew Orphan Society South Carolina Charleston
Hibernian Benevolent Society Alabama Mobile
Hibernian Benevolent Society Georgia Columbus
Hibernian Society Georgia Savannah
Hibernian Society South Carolina Charleston
Hospital Missouri St Louis
House of Industry Virginia Petersburg
Howard Association Virginia
Howard Association Louisiana New Orleans
Impartial Society for the Relief of Widows Maryland Baltimore
Indigent Sick Society Maryland Baltimore
Infant Asylum Louisiana New Orleans
Infant Asylum Maryland Baltimore
Iredell County Poorhouse North Carolina Statesville
Irish Union Society Georgia Savannah
Jewish Benevolent Society Louisiana New Orleans
Johnson County Poorhouse North Carolina
Juvenile Industry Society South Carolina Charleston
La Societe de Bienfaisance Alabama Mobile
Ladies Auxiliary Christian Association South Carolina Charleston
Ladies Benevolent Society Louisiana New Orleans
Ladies Benevolent Society North Carolina Wilmington
Ladies Benevolent Society South Carolina Charleston
Ladies Benevolent Society Virginia Alexandria
Ladies Benevolent Society Virginia Petersburg
Ladies Education Society Georgia Macon
Ladies Fuel Society South Carolina Charleston
Ladies Garment Society South Carolina Charleston
Ladies German Benevolent Society Georgia Savannah
Ladies of Charity Missouri St Louis
Ladies Protestant Charitable Society Louisiana New Orleans
Ladies Union Benevolent Society Georgia Atlanta
Ladies Working Society of St James' Church North Carolina Wilmington
Ladies' Education and Benevolent Society Georgia Columbus
Ladies' Hebrew Benevolent Society Georgia Savannah
Lenoir County Poorhouse North Carolina
Lincoln County Poorhouse North Carolina Lincolnton
Male Orphan Society Virginia Richmond
Massie School Georgia Savannah
McIntosh County Academy Free Schools Georgia
McIntosh Female Asylum Georgia Darien
McKim's School for Poor Youths Maryland Baltimore
Mechanic Society South Carolina Beaufort
Mechanics Association Georgia Chatham County
Mechanics Benevolent Society Virginia Norfolk
Mechanics Mutual Aid Association Georgia Athens
Mechanics Society Georgia Macon
Mechanics Society of Augusta Georgia Augusta
Mechanics' Benevolent Society Georgia Savannah
Mecklenburg County Poorhouse North Carolina Charlotte
Milledgeville Mechanics Society Georgia Milledgeville
Mobile Carpentry and Joiners Mutual Benefit Society Alabama Mobile
Mobile Port Society Alabama Mobile
Montgomery County Poorhouse North Carolina Laurenceville
Moore County Poorhouse North Carolina Carthage
Muscogee Asylum Georgia Muscogee County
Nash County Poorhouse North Carolina
Nashville Protestant Orphan Society  Tennessee Nashville
Natchez Charitable Association Mississippi Natchez
Natchez Institute Mississippi Natchez
Needle Woman's Friend Society Georgia Savannah
New England Society
New Hanover County Poorhouse North Carolina Wilmington
Newbern Female Charitable Society North Carolina Newbern
Norfolk Marine Society Virginia Norfolk
Norfolk Provident Society Virginia Norfolk
Northampton County Poorhouse North Carolina Jackson
Orange County Poorhouse North Carolina Hillsborough
Orphan asylum Kentucky Louisville
Orphan Asylum Missouri St Louis
Orphan Asylum  Georgia Macon
Orphan Asylum Society Virginia Lynchburg
Orphan's Home Georgia Chatham County
Petersburg Benevolent Mechanics Association Virginia Petersburg
Poorhouse Virginia Petersburg
Poydras Female Orphan Society  Louisiana New Orleans
Protestant Episcopal Church Employment Society Alabama Mobile
Protestant Orphanage Asylum Society Alabama Mobile
Public School Georgia Savannah
Raleigh Female Benevolent Society North Carolina Raleigh
Richmond County Poorhouse North Carolina
Richmond St Joseph's Orphan Asylum and Free School Virginia Richmond
Richmond Union Benevolent Society Virginia Richmond
Rockingham County Poorhouse North Carolina Wentworth
Roper Hospital South Carolina Charleston
Rowan County Poorhouse North Carolina Salisbury
Rutherford County Poorhouse North Carolina Rutherfordton
Samaritan Society Alabama Mobile
Savannah Association of Mechanics Georgia Savannah
Savannah Benevolent Association Georgia Savannah
Savannah Clothing and Fuel Society Georgia Savannah
Savannah Female Asylum Georgia Savannah
Savannah Free School Society Georgia Savannah
Savannah House Carpenters Georgia Savannah
Savannah Methodist Episcopal Ladies Working Society Georgia Savannah
Savannah Poorhouse and Hospital Georgia Savannah
Savannah Port Society Georgia Savannah
Seaman's Friend Society North Carolina Wilmington
Sisters of Charity School Maryland Emmitsburg
Society for the Relief of Destitute Females and their Helpless Children Louisiana New Orleans
Society for the Relief of Indigent Widows (Widows Society) Georgia Savannah
South Carolina Orphanage South Carolina
South Carolina Society South Carolina Charleston
South Nashville Institute Tennessee Nashville
St Andrew's Society Alabama Mobile
St Andrew's Society Georgia Savannah
St Andrew's Society South Carolina Charleston
St Anthony's German Catholic Orphan Society Maryland Baltimore
St Francis Academy for Girls Maryland Baltimore
St John's Female Benevolent School Maryland Frederick
St John's Mission South Carolina Charleston
St Joseph's German Roman Catholic Orphan Society Kentucky Louisville
St Mary's Orphan Asylum Mississippi Natchez
St Mary's Orphan Asylum and School Maryland Baltimore
St Michael's Orphanage? South Carolina Charleston
St Patrick's Society South Carolina Charleston
St Vincent's Academy Georgia Savannah
St Vincent's School and Orphan Asylum District of Columbia Washington
Stokes County Poorhouse North Carolina Germantown
Sunbury Academy Georgia Sunbury
Sunbury Female Asylum Georgia Sunbury
Surry County Poorhouse North Carolina Rockford
The Association for Improvement of the Condition of the Poor Virginia Petersburg
The Corporation for the Relief of the Poor and Distressed of Every Sect or Religious Denomination Whatsoever Maryland Baltimore
Tuscaloosa Female Benevolent Society Alabama Tuscaloosa
Union Female Society Maryland Baltimore
Union Society Georgia  Petersburg
Union Society Georgia Savannah
Union Society Virginia Petersburg
United Hebrew Society Georgia Macon
Ursuline Orphanage Louisiana New Orleans
Warren County Poorhouse North Carolina
Wayne County Poorhouse North Carolina Goldsboro
Working Men's Benevolent Association Georgia Savannah