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CMPS Doctoral Theses


Student Title of Thesis
Belfiore, Eleonora Ubi maior, minor cessat: A comparative study of the relation between changing cultural policy rationales and globalization in post-1980s England and Italy (2006)
Bilton, Chris Towards Cultural Democracy: Contradiction and Crisis in British and U.S. Cultural Policy 1870-1990 (1997)
Bjornsen, Egil Norwegian cultural policy: a civilising mission? (2009)
Chibici-Revneanu, Claudia A Masculine Circle: The Charter Myth of Genius and its Effects on Women Writers (2012)
Choe, Boyun Cultural Politics of Creativity: a comparative study of the development of the cultural policy discourses of creativity in England and Korea (2010)
Chung, Hsiao-Ling Managing the cross-industry networks of the audiovisual sector: a perspective from the independent screen productions in the UK and Taiwan (2009)
Enriquez-Soltero, Gonzalo Deeper into the Labyrinth: a Study of the Impact of Risk Narratives on Culture, Based on Two Crime Urban Legends Spread by Email in Mexico (2005 - 2007) (2011)
Kim, Ju-Young Rethinking Media Flow under Globalisation: Rising Korean Wave and Korean TV and Film Policy Since 1980s (2007)
Kohler, Paul Creativity in Video Games: A Creativity Model Set Illustrating the Creative Process with Theoretical and Practical Implications (2012)
Lee, Hye-Kyung Reinventing the Non-Profit Theatre: a study of the growth of educational work in British non-profit theatres from the 1990s to the present (2004)
Lemasson, Gaëlle Evolution of the rationales for Quebec's cultural policy from 1959 to 1992 : in search of a compromise (2013)
Lim, Lorraine In the global field of cultural production : Singapore as global city for the arts (2009)
Maelen, Kjell Arts centres as audience relationship managers (2008)
Kawashima, Nobuko Cultural Policy Research: An Emerging Discipline Between Theory and Practice (PhD by published work, 1999)
Parry, Joy Companies of clouds : the development of multilateral cultural cooperation in western European international organisations (2000)
Upchurch, Anna Maynard Keynes, Vincent Massey, and the intellectual origins of the Arts Council of Great Britain (2008)
Wang, Li-Jung Towards multiculturalism?: identity, difference and citizenship in cultural policy in Taiwan (1949-2002) (2003)
Wang, Lingjie Analyzing the Dynamics between Organisational Culture and Change - a case study of China Central Television (CCTV) in Transition (2006)
Wesner, Simone Adaptation and resistance: the impact of German unification on the living and working conditions of visual artists in Saxony and their response to transformation (2002)
Woddis, Jane

Spear-carriers or Speaking Parts? Arts Practitioners in the Cultural Policy Process (2005)