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Maike Ludley

MaikeMPhil/PhD student

Email: M dot Ludley at warwick dot ac dot uk


I am a first year PhD student in Cultural Policy Studies. I hold a Master’s degree in International Cultural Policy and Management from the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, University of Warwick and a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Philosophy from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. My research is funded through the Centre for Arts Doctoral Research Excellence (CADRE). I am also a scholar of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Research interests

The working title for my thesis is 'Framing the discourse: The significance of argumentation, language and evidence for the cultural policy process.'

The idea of evidence-based policymaking as the key to good decisions has dominated both practice and research in public policy for over 25 years, resulting in an increasing demand for policy assessment. I argue that “culture” differs significantly from other public policy fields. It is characterised by methodological and ontological challenges that hinder the evaluation of policy outcomes. Language, however, plays a major role in the policy process helping policy actors to make the case for “culture” as a versatile catalyst for society.

My research focuses on the role of language and evidence in decision-making processes in the cultural policy sphere. I aim to develop a new approach to cultural policy analysis from an argumentative perspective, allowing an innovative and more realistic understanding of policymaking. Deviating from the concept of policymaking as a rational process, I want to examine how fundamental assumptions about the effects of “culture” constitute a frame that significantly shapes policy discourse.

My project is designed as comparative study exploring German and UK cultural politics and will include case studies from different cultural policy areas.

My research project is supervised by Dr Clive Gray.


“Cultural Policymaking as discourse – The case of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010”, paper presented at DiscourseNet Congress #2, University of Warwick, Coventry, September 13th-15th 2017.