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Dr Jonathan Vickery

portraitAssociate Professor

Director, MA Arts Enterprise and Development
Tel: +44 (0)24 765 23459
Email: J dot P dot Vickery at warwick dot ac dot uk

Millburn House
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7HS


My central research interest is the politics of public culture -- policies, institutions, spaces and places, cultural development and democratisation. I have a practical interest in this, whereby I have worked with artists and practitioners, and chaired, advised or sat on a variety of committees for projects and organisations. I also have an interest in the globalisation of Western policy norms, particularly for "creative economy" and follow UN level policy discourse as well as the EU's increasing interest in external cultural relations.

With Rajnaara Akhtar, I am now co-Editor in Chief of The Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development. I have reviewed for many journals and funding bodies, including the British Council, AHRC (Peer Review College member, 2009-16; ESCR College member, 2016--), and various EU and European universities; I am currently External Examiner for Kings College London. I am on the Steering Committee of the Warwick Global Research Priority on International Development, and Chair of their Annual International Development Photography Competition. I have organised many conference streams, public seminars and on the scientific committee of international conferences (Paris, Krakow, Copenhagen, Bled). With Justin O'Connor, I co-directed the Shanghai City Lab project (2013-15); I was Chair of company, Art of Management and Organization for three years; I was advisor to, and now Chair of the capital development committee of the Albany Theatre (Coventry), establishing, among other things, a model research facility for independent arts organisations. In Coventry, I am on the management committee of the Spon Spun Festival. I have been a visiting scholar at Poznan, Belgrade and Hildesheim, with whom I still collaborate.

For my CV and more detail, see my LinkedIn page:

Research interests

My areas of specialisation are:

  • Public culture and public policies for culture
  • Urban culture, space and cities
  • Community, enterprise and local development
  • Cultural Economy and Global Development

I have secondary interests and experience in:

  • Festivals and Public cultural events
  • Arts organisations, management and strategy
  • Art practice and the public realm
  • Architecture, design and urban planning
  • Photography and film -- art as research

Current research projects

I write articles and book chapters for a range of publications -- mostly for international constituencies invested in public culture. For example, I have recently (with Tom Fleming) written a contribution to the next UNCTAD Creative Economy Report. I have also written a chapter for the book Cultural Diplomacy: Arts, Festivals and Geopolitics (Dragićević Šešić, ed.) just published in Belgrade. Apart from this, I maintain three current research project areas:
1: Public pedagogy and policy intervention: I work with both PGT and PGR students in community engagement, urban research and cultural event. Last year, IATL (Warwick's Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning) funded a project called 'Urban Cultural Intermediaries: students and the city'. We conducted research on the political, legal and social conditions of student's involvement in urban culture, and how the city might develop ways of integrating its huge student population in the creative economy. Its innovations included a performance evening of public debate, as well as an art exhibition of research at the City Arcadia Gallery. This year we are working in the framework of Coventry City of Sanctuary, organising a public research event on "the refugee as cultural experience", advised by artists Sam Williams, consultant Vish Roy and the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.
2: Cultural Politics and Development research
: As Co-Editor in Chief of The Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, we are innovating new interconnections between pedagogy, research media and journal production. This journal was established 16 years ago with an ethical mandate to engage with the Global South. We are now (my Co-Ed. in Chief is Rajnaara Akhtar) leading a complete re-brand, re-launch and period of academic development. This is initially funded by the Warwick Global Research Priority on International Development.
3: Cultural and Creative Spillover research: As a founding research partner of the European Partnership on Cultural and Creative Spillovers. Established in 2013, the partnership has published several reports, lobbied MEPs in the European Parliament, and commissioned two rounds of research (from a range of consultancies and academic research groups). We are now entering a third stage, for which I am designing a funded project on Spillover policies and models in and beyond the cultural borders of the EU. This project is funded by the project's 'funding partners', european centre for creative economy (Dortmund), European Cultural Foundation, Arts Council England, Arts Council Ireland and others).


My research and teaching are symbiotic, as I have a strong belief in pedagogy as a public duty. My annual teaching routine is always characterised by innovation in communication, engagement and participation, and public events. I have founded three international masters degrees, written 21 course modules (8 undergraduate and 13 postgraduate) supervised over a 120 MA dissertations, and organised many placements, public seminars and student public cultural events. I take an active and interactive approach to teaching, using project frameworks, business simulation, online forum and social media as well as case studies. My new MA in Arts, Enterprise and Development looks at the uses of arts and creative enterprises in Development (International Development and local cultural, community and urban development). The relation between theory and practice is often a contradictory or tense one, and I want students to experience this, and realize that solutions or approaches to problems are not pre-given but have to be improvised, innovated and negotiated.

Research Supervision

I have recently supervised a number of successful PhD projects, and will currently take students in many areas of cultural policy studies -- creative industries; urban culture and cities; public culture and art institutions; cultural development and local community; artists, enterprise, intervention and cultural dissent; global development and creative economy; culture and global sustainability; cultural rights, freedom and democracy.
Examples of recent successful PhD's:
Jiyun Yoo, 'Postmodernism, marketing and the consumption of live pop music in South Korea' (co-supervised with David Wright). 2014.
Junmin Song, 'Creative Cities and Creative Placemaking'. 2015.
Rob O'Toole, 'Design Thinking in Creative HE Pedagogy'. 2015.
Tomi Oladepo, 'The Digital Public Sphere and Democracy in Africa'. 2015.
Gabrielle Ferdinand, 'Brand Communication and the symbolic economy of the Caribbean Creative Industries' (co-supervised with David Wright). 2016.
(with Justin O'Connor) Michael Kho Lim (Warwick-Monash Aliance scholar), 'Indie Film making and Distribution in the Filipino Cultural Economy'.
I am currently supervising:
Dace Demir, 'Cultural Policy and the Institutionalisation of Contemporary Art in Latvia'.
Nick Chen, 'Creative Economy and Sustainable Development in Contemporary China'.
Phitchakan Chuangchai, 'Creative Cities in the S.E. ASEAN region'.

Administrative roles

  • Director: MA in Arts, Enterprise and Development
  • Warwick Global Research Priority on International Development (GRP-ID) Steering Committee
  • Chair: The GRP-ID Annual International Development Photography Competition

Recent Selected Publications

  • (2016) ‘Public Authorship and the Politics of Place’ [‘Public Authorship et politique du lieu’], book chapter in FAIRE LA CITÉ. Création et gouvernance des imaginaires urbains, ed. Marion Hohlfeldt, Bruxelles: La Lettre volée: pp.129-144.
  • (2016) ‘Crossing Borders: Cultural Policy Research and the politics of Development’, Cultural Policy and Management Research Yearbook: [Kevin Robins and Burcu Yasemin Şeyben eds.], pp.137-143.
  • (2016) ‘Creative and Cultural Spillover: a new front for research’, ENCATC Journal, Issue 5, No.1: 5-11.
  • (2016) ‘Virno, Gerz, and an Art for the Multitude’, in Zbornik radova Fakulteta dramskih umetnosti, Journal of the Institute of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television, Belgrade, pp. 243-265.
  • (2016) (with McNeilly, N., and Hanemann, N.) ‘Cultural and Creative Spillovers in Europe – a reflection on a preliminary evidence review’, in Cuenca, J. and Ahedo, R. eds. Efectos sociales del ocio y las industrias creativas y culturales, Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto.
  • ed. (2016) Special Issue: ‘Cultural Economy and Cultural Activism’, The Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, 2016:1.
  • (with Manus, M.) 2016 The Art of the Multutude: Jochen Gerz, Participation and the European Experience, Frankfurt: Campus Verlag.
  • (2017) ‘The Cultural Politics of Re-industrialisation: some remarks on cultural and urban policy in the European Union’ in Nawratek, K. ed. Urban Reindustrialisation, New York: Punctum.
  • (2017) 'Since Internationalism: diplomacy, ideology and a political agency for culture', in Dragićević Šešić, M. ed., Cultural Diplomacy: Arts, Festivals and Geopolitics: 35-49.

    In preparation are my monograph Creative Cities and Public Cultures (Routledge 2018) and the Special Issues: on cultural policy and populism for the Istanbul Cultural Policy Yearbook 2017; on Cultural Rights and Global Development for the Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, 2017; along with contracted book chapters on creativity, and on space, aesthetics and management.


  • BA History of Art and Architecture (UEA, Norwich): First Class (starred)
  • MA Aesthetics and Visual Arts (University of Essex): Distinction
  • PhD Art History & Theory (University of Essex).

Professional associations

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Peer Review College member (2010--2013; 2013--2016: invited to serve a second term).
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESCR) Peer Review College member (invited -- 2015)
  • International Association of Art Critics (AICA): Nominated 2012.
  • Aesthetics, Creativity, and Organisations Research Network (ACORN): Nominated 2008.
  • Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism (SCOS)
  • UK Political Studies Association (PSA)

Office hours

Normally Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9-5pm (when not in the seminar room). I am on campus many other days, so please email me for an appointment.

Please note: I am on research leave in the Spring Term of 2018, but can be reached in the first instance by email.


Arts, Community and Enterprise (Core Module)
Open Space sessions (Wednesday evenings, Autumn Term)
The Global City (Option Module Spring Term -- not running 2018)
Culture and Social Innovation (Option Module Summer Term)
Major Project (dissertation)