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Digital Pedagogy Library

Digital Pedagogy Library

Digital Pedagogy Library

University of

Welcome to the Digital Pedagogy Library!

Come and explore the different approaches to digital teaching that are currently being practised across the University of Warwick. Our staff have shared their recipes for embedding digital pedagogy into everyday teaching and the Library categorises these recipes to make it easier to find what you need.

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Students sit around curved white tables in a classroom, one student is talking and the others are turned to look at him

Learning and teaching →

Explore recipes which use digital technologies to enhance and transform experiences of learning and teaching, both inside and outside the classroom.

Three young people sit around a wooden table, laughing. Two of the three students sit with laptops open in front of them

Assessment →

Explore recipes which demonstrate the potential of digital tools, both in the production of material for assessment and in the evaluation of student work and progress.

Members of the public stand in front of an exhibition in a warehouse space

Public engagement →

Explore recipes which provide case studies for the use of digital pedagogy tools which allow academics to engage with the public, and which empower students to do the same.


Spotlight: The Supernatural in Early-Modern Britain Digital ShowcaseLink opens in a new window

An early modern or Renaissance painting of a heavenly scene featuring angels

From a recipe submitted by Dr Martha McGillLink opens in a new window, learn how directing students to work in groups to produce a digital showcase helps build confidence in writing for non-academic audiences, in compiling online resources, and in analysing historical resources. You can find out more about Martha's work on her websiteLink opens in a new window.

About the Library 

Learn more about the Digital Pedagogy Library and the team behind it. What is it for, who created it, and how was it built?

Get involved

Tell us about how you engage with digital spaces in your own teaching and join the DPL learning community by sharing your own recipe.