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Invited Speakers

Sir Professor David Cox (Statistics)

Prominent British statistician known for is contributions to the proportional hazards model employed in the analysis of survival data. He is an Honorary Fellow Nuffield College in Oxford and a Fellow of the Royal Society and the British Academy. In his career, he served as President of the Bernoulli Society of the Royal Statistical Society, and of the International Statistical Institute. His work has been recognized with numerous awards including the 2010 Copley Medal and becomign a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences.

David Lagnado (Experimental Psychology)

Professor at University College London, David Lagnado’s research focuses on the psychological processes that underlie human learning, reasoning and decision-making. A major theme is the central role played by causal models in cognition investigating how people learn causal models from uncertain data.

Steve Pischke (Economics)

Steve Pischke has done research on vocational training and education policy, changes in the wage structure, retirement, migration, the transition in the East German labour market, and household savings.
He is a Professor at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Economic Performance. His most recent book is called, 'Mastering Metrics: The Path from Cause to Effect.'

Professor Franco Cappuccio (Medicine),

Franco Cappuccio is cardiovascular physician, clinical epidemiologist and public health expert. Research iinterests include the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, nutrition and health, metabolic abnormalities and cardiovascular risk, risk in ethnic minorities, both in developed and developing countries.

Ricardo Silva (Statistics/ Machine Learning)

Ricardo Silva, Senior Lecturer in Statistics at University College London, works on computational approaches for graphical latent variable models, relational models and causal inference. His research interests span multivariate analysis, graphical models, Bayesian inference, computational statistics, relational inference, data mining and causality..

Swaran Singh (panel moderator)

Swaran Singh research is health services oriented focusing on early psychosis, somatisation, and deliberate self-harm, cultural and ethnic factors in mental illness, mental health law, transitions and medical education. He was named the Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry at the University of Warwick in March 2006.