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Centre for Digital Inquiry

Centre for Digital Inquiry

Inquiries Series

Catch up on the latest CDI 'Inquiries' talks featuring Louise Amoore, Nick Seaver, Lana Swartz, Rachel O'Dwyer, Bernhard Rieder and Taina Bucher here.

Training Workshops

Sign up for two upcoming training sessions: 'Social media analysis with R' and 'Map-making with QGIS'

Playing Politics Digitally

CDI member and PhD candidate Wenhao Bi publishes new article on young people, politics and social media in China.

Warwick's hub for critical digital research.

The CDI brings together researchers across humanities, social sciences and sciences to think with and through our digital condition.

We use and develop digital research techniques and associated tools to advance knowledge about culture and society ('thinking with' the digital), while also taking up the digital as a substantive critical topic ('thinking through' the digital).

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