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Centre for Digital Inquiry

Inquiries Series

On the 5th of October, Bernhard Rieder and Taina Bucher will discuss Algorithmic Techniques, Technical Cultures, and other key themes from Rieder's new book, Engines of Order.

Film Screening and Conversation with Oraib Toukan

Warwick's Naomi Vogt hosts Oraib Toukan to discuss the 'desktop film' When Things Occur.

COVID-19 App Store and Data Flow Ecologies

CDI members Dr Michael Dieter and Dr Nate Tkacz secure funding to study COVID-19 phone apps.

Warwick's hub for critical digital research.

The CDI brings together researchers across humanities, social sciences and sciences to think with and through our digital condition.

We use and develop digital research techniques and associated tools to advance knowledge about culture and society ('thinking with' the digital), while also taking up the digital as a substantive critical topic ('thinking through' the digital). Read more about the CDI here.