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In conversation with...

Hello, and welcome to our new 'In conversation with . . . ' series.

This is a weekly entrepreneurship chat series that is sure to inspire, motivate and teach you about the world of entrepreneurship. We will be speaking with experienced entrepreneurs, industry professionals and academics over the course of the next 10 weeks.

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Our fifth speaker in the “In conversation with…” series is, Alex Balderstone.

This Week in the "In Conversation with..." series we have our very own alumnus Alex Balderstone- Founder of Warwick Congress and Co-Founder of Kaiku

It's a free flowing conversation where we will be chatting with Alex about his journey as a student entrepreneur and now a full time entrepreneur running Kaiku (a UK based start-up making early stage funding smarter - using AI to improve investor leads and close deals faster) and lessons learn along the way.

Join us on Tuesday 2nd November 14:00-15:00