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Summer Programme 2020 highlights

We've hosted some fantastic webinars during our Summer Programme 2020, with guests from a range of different backgrounds. Watch the recordings below to catchup on all of the sessions covered.

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David Plumb: Innovation at Warwick

Victor Sosanya: Mindset, Passion, and Motivation

Amrit Singh: Express Your Creativity on TikTok

Alison Grade: Finding Freelance Work

Veronica Chang: Standing Out from the Crowd

Bo Kelestyn and Rob O'Toole: Design Thinking Masterclass

Alex Neep: Building and Developing a Start-up

Rachel Davis: Self Confidence in Practice

Dina Bahrami: Successful Pitching Techniques

Nicos Tombros and Luke Yianni: Pitching and Collaboration

Luke Netherclift: Body Language and Pre-Pitching Tips

Enactus Warwick: Pitching Social Enterprises

Jessica Agboola: Developing Leaders and Empowering Communities

Alex Balderstone: Start-up Communities at University and Beyond

Enactus Warwick: Making an Impact

Peter Ptashko: Starting a Social Enterprise

Kaleem Hussain: Building Stronger Communities

Mark Hinton: Building Engaged Eommunities

Student Community Projects

Joel Cardinal and David Chapman: Warwick and the Climate Emergency

Jess Savage and Alastair Smith: Perspectives from GSD

Student Sustainability Projects

Frederik Dahlmann: Sustainability and Business

David Suarez Cuellar: Top Tips to Improve Physical Activity

Alpha Coyle: Wellbeing Strategies

Tom Simmons: Reimagining the Role of Sugar in our Food

Molly Lambourn: Art for Personal and Business Burnout

Xanthe Blain: Health and Wellbeing at University

Widening Participation at the University of Warwick

Carla Priddon: Improving People's Lives Through Charity

Kaleem Hussain: Creating Prosperity for Others

Creating Prosperity through Enterprise

Student Health Projects

Andrew Todd: Warwick as a Civic University

Making the Most of Your Summer & Community Connections

Ingenuity 2020 Build Community Launch Re-cap

Ingenuity 2020 Tackle Climate Change Re-cap

Ingenuity 2020 Improve Health Re-cap

Ingenuity 2020 Create Prosperity Re-cap