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Success Stories

There have been many examples of students that have achieved success and benefitted from the support of Warwick Enterprise. Below you can find examples of the different projects which students have worked on or been involved with whilst receiving support from the Warwick Enterprise team.

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Graduate Successes

Scrubbee is a sustainable skincare business focusing on upcycling by-products from the food industry into circular cosmetics. They launched with their first product line in January 2021, 4 coffee face scrubs which repurpose what would have once been considered 'waste' coffee from cafes into effective, affordable skincare.

Instagram: @scrubbeeuk is a supply chain digital twin platform helping enterprises make intelligent resiliency decisions. We build supply chain digital twins and use artificial intelligence to help enterprises prevent and mitigate supply chain disruptions in real-time or before they occur. We believe integrated supply chain data unlocks superior resilience, and our vision is to use machine intelligence to predict & manage supply chain disruption risks. We create business value for our customers by tagging real-time ​risk intelligence to suppliers, supply chains and purchase orders to predict new lead times.

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JarSquad is a Plymouth-based social enterprise that puts joy and connection in jars. We bring people together to practice sharing (ingredients, know-how, work+time), co-learning, and co-making communal jams and preserves as a ‘squad’. ​ ​ JarSquad joins the dots between climate emergency action, curbing food-waste, and growing social connectedness and well-being.​

FB: @wearejarsquad

IG: @wearejarsquad



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Level Up upskills individuals through cohort-based fellowships led by industry experts. Traditional e-learning platforms for certain skills often rely on pre-recorded videos which are often ineffective as they lack accountability and live interaction with teachers and other learners (as evidenced by their 96% dropout rate!). At Level Up, we upskill our fellows through combining live workshops and mentoring sessions with recorded videos and projects. This approach is built around a vibrant community of individuals who learn with each other to create an incredible learning environment.



Sakshi Mehta - The Metalmann

Alex and Laura - Language Mate

Paul and CY - Ziraf

Our Entrepreneurs

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