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Turn Left

turnleft, the app is out! Your way to meet new business contacts… anywhere, anytime!

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turnleft helps you to build strong relationships at home

and away by connecting you with others before and while you travel

After Oliver Stevens graduated in Computer and Business Studies from the University of Warwick in 2008, he left for life as a financial markets trader in London. Staring at 10 computer screens day-to-day for 7 years with little social interaction inspired his new adventure: turnleft, an app helping professionals find new business connections online so they can meet in person. turnleft is for business leaders, human resource managers, small-to-medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to recruit or raise their profile by showcasing their skills and ideas. As Richard Branson says…"succeeding in business is all about making connections”.

The Haggerston Times – the online news source for techies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors – summarises 2 main benefits of using turnleft:

…firstly, its nearby function enables users of the app to identify and connect with people around them, either locally or during free time when on overseas business trips. Secondly, the app allows users to make better use of their time when they are travelling, by letting fellow users know beforehand where they will be, meaning they can connect and arrange to meet with potential business contacts relevant to their professional needs ahead of time, and perhaps crucially, ahead of any potential business rivals.”

turnleft_iphone_400px_w.pngA user of turnleft uploads their LinkedIn profile and browses others’ profiles. Once trip itineraries are entered, turnleft reveals when others will also be there at that time. This is the key to connecting and exchanging messages online so parties can choose whether and how to meet in person. turnleft is an essential enabler of networking, especially when people are on the move.

The small steps along turnleft’s journey towards success have taken longer than its founder and CEO anticipated, with growing patience being key for Oliver:

Timescales are almost arbitrary in this new world I ventured into, and that’s not just about me having to wait for others. The tasks I set myself take two or three times longer than anticipated. Without patience, an entrepreneur would go crazy!"

Oliver Stevens laptopOliver invites past and present staff and students of the University of Warwick to join in and find out for themselves how they can benefit from turnleft,

We’re building a community of founding members, and what better set of candidates than Warwick Alumni across the globe! They get first hand access to the app and are among the first to connect with people around the world who are in our alumni network and beyond. I hope turnleft encourages people to take the step after connecting online, so they connect in person the old fashioned way and further their professional ambitions!”

Your invitation to turnleft awaits you and your iPhone:

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turnleft is based in London’s creative TechHub at the Google Campus in Shoreditch. Oliver Stevens:

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