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Ethnography in Dialogue: ethics, practice and theory

Dr Alex Smith

Wednesday 11th June -10am to 4pm

Wolfson 1 at the Wolfson Research Exchange in the Library

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

At its best, ethnography – often glossed as ‘participant observation’ – has provided sociology and other social researchers with a valuable tool for apprehending a world in flux. Across the humanities and social sciences (e.g. cultural studies, social anthropology, sociology), however, ethnography remains a ubiquitous research method that can often raise as many questions – ethical, methodological, political and practical – as it seeks to answer. These workshops will consider recent efforts to reassert ethnography as theory (rather than just description) in order to explore these questions. In doing so, these seminars will engage recent scholarly debates about collaborative ethnography, multi-sited ethnography and the literature on so-called ‘new’ ethnographic objects.

The second half of the workshop will involve a panel discussion including two external speakers (to be confirmed) who have published ethnographic monographs with Manchester University Press’ New Ethnographies book series, which Dr Smith edits. Students who participate in the workshop will
be eligible for a 50% discount on books published with the series.

Please use the booking form to register.